“Imprisoning” a special world

A “must” place to visit

Have you walked in paths sculpted by great marble sculptors? Have you wandered in the wild nature unifying with the environment? Have you visited Halepas’ and Nikiforos Litras’ homeland? Have you lounged enjoying delicious gastronomy? Have you experienced a festival in the square of a village? Have you seen the place where they used to load marbles many years ago? Do you know how many sailors went far and wide setting forth from here having innumerable dreams? If there was at least a “no” among your answers then you discovered the reason why you should visit Exo Meria. Every village a living story!

Pyrgos is called an outdoor Popular Art Museum and a walk to Exo Meria and to the famous Giannoulis Halepas’ and Nikiforos Litras’ village will help you discover this fact.

Panormos is the place where you’ll see boats bringing the freshest fish to. The picturesque port with the long history as Tinian marble was brought from here to the rest of the country.

The first Sewing School was established in Exo Meria, in the village Venardados. In that village girls from all over the island, were gathered together in order to learn how to sew.

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The most complete guide to places to stay, attractions to visit and specialities to taste and enjoy in Exo Meria, in order to turn your visit into an enjoyable experience.


There isn’t any holiday complex in Exo Meria. However you’ll enjoy your stay in furnished apartments, suitable for an extended stay.

Local Products

Folk crafts, sweets and other souvenirs create sweet memories from your visit to Exo Meria. Don’t miss to take away a chocolate pie or a galaktoboureko.


Unsweetened Galaktoboureko in Pyrgos Square, chocolate pie or orange pie in Kardiani, fresh fish in Panormos and freshly baked pizza in Ysternia. Exo Meria offers a variety of tastes.


Combine your visit with one of the traditional festivals that take place in the villages and enjoy the experience. Architecture lovers shouldn’t miss a visit to Triantaros, homeland to the most famous marble craftsmen of Tinos.


We’ve chosen and present you the best accommodation, restaurants cafes and shops of Exo Meria. Discover them!


Absolute Summer Bliss

Stonehouse Villa

Enjoy your holidays in the picturesque island of Tinos and discover the island’s beauties as you are staying in a comfortable private villa. Stonehouse Villa is what the name suggests and so much more! Just built in 2016 using materials from the island, like wood and stone, Stonehouse villa is a four bedroom independent house in a quaint and tranquil location, conveniently close to both the beach and the Chora of Tinos! Stonehouse villa is ideal for friends and families and people who seek for a modern-day living in a traditional and absolutely elegant villa!


Life in Balance

Pelias Life in Balance

Welcome to Pelias LIFE IN BALANCE, a center built with love and care in the Cycladic way. The center offers creative and therapeutic activities for the body and soul.

Dough &

Pizza Pasta Cocktails

Dough & Shaker

Dough & Shaker is the brand new all-day space in Pyrgos. Its doors have just opened, in April, 2016, while it is found aside from the busy square, at the main road after the parking and is waiting for you, from the morning till late at night with coffees, food and drinks.


The all-new coffee shop


Something’s new at the impressive, marble adorned square in Pyrgos village. Markos Valakas, born and raised in Tinos, after 40 years of absence abroad, returns to his homeland wishing to give life to his dream.


Kardiani, Panormos Tinos

Traditional Tavern "Dinos"

Really close to Yannaki bay, Dinos waits for you at his balcony which sees directly to the Aegean sea. A traditional tavern with family atmosphere and savors that lead you straight to the sky thanks to Antonis Vamvakaris cooking skills!


Experience the authentic Tinos


Welcome to the Elayio houses

Aghios Petros for us, that is how we always called it, was “love at first sight”, the thing we saw and we told “I love it!” at once.
That’s is how it’s done and we spent beautiful summers there raising our children and being creative, at the same time! Who could ask for something better?


“The vineyard that talks”


Strong winds, waterless soil and somewhere among the round granite boulders of Tinos - a bizarre island - you notice it.

“The vineyard that talks” and now...it speaks loudly all over the world.

Having produced 20.000 bottles per year with a potential to reach shortly 30.000 bottles and many international articles, the time is ripe for the « Tiniaki Ampelones» have gained the position richly deserved in the worldwide wine community.


Pastry shop


36 years ago, Kollarou family decides to have a lifetime change, leave Athens and return to the homeland. Later on, they create NOUFARA pastry shop, first in partnership and afterwards in family, thanks to the father’s great experience, who had worked for the best pastry shops in Athens (Serafidis, Toulipa, Delis, King’s George hotel etc.) as well as the mother’s silent support. Nowadays, the children are responsible for the shop while the parents remain important helpers in every endeavor.


Tinos island in a bottle of wine

Vaptistis Winery


 Our origin from Tinos island, in the Cyclades, and our immense love of this beautiful place enabled us to get involved in the adventure of planting a new vineyard and starting wine production.

Our deliberate decision of only using indigenous Greek grape varieties led to the selection of those that adapt perfectly to our island’s terroir.


since 1975


Giorgos Foskolos and Fragiskos Amoiralis count more than 30 years of “pastry-making” presence in the island. In 1975, they leave Athens behind to move to Tinos and together start Mesklies, aiming at making people’s lives as sweet as they can.


Tinos new wine label

Volacus Wine

The idea of Volacus Wine first started in 2010, when the first vineyard was planted in the area of Gardari, in Falatados village, by the Tinian Michalis Kontizas.


Kardiani, Ysternia, Vernadados, Marlas-Mamados–Ismail, Kοumelas-Malli, Pyrgos, Panormos

Kardiani...like clear water!

Kardiani welcomes the visitor to Exo Meria, as it is the first settlement. Filled with lush vegetation, as there are dozens of springs streaming from the mountain, Kardiani seems like climbing the slope, as the elevation of the place is 240 m. Paved alleys, covered walks and arcs, high cypresses and the carving marble fountain in the square of Kioura. In Kardiani  Catholics and orthodox live together in peace enjoying its marvelous gifts.

Ysternia... like an outdoor sculpture

Amphitheatrically built, it’s the place where marble sculpture is at its best. It is not by chance that Ysternia Artists Museum is located in this village. Georgios Vitalis, Lazaros Lameras and many other local artists created that place. It’s exciting walking through marble built alleys and finding yourself among busts and statues.

Vernadados...like a handmade garment

At the doorstep of Pyrgos, a stopover in Vernadados is a must. Homeland of the painter and icon painter Nikos Gaitis, the village is as pretty as a picture. Traditional houses, trees and foliages, a well and Saint Fanourios Chapel are only a few of the attractions you should visit. In the village the first sewing school was operated for girls who wanted to be dressmakers.


Rocks like beasts, stones “wounded” by the wind and old quarries in the entrails of the earth, in Exo Meria. In the most northwest part of Tinos, where nature shows its wildest face, everything speaks the language of marble.

Man, in his effort to face the changes that surround him, makes his on history. Freely but within a rather determined framework and with little deviation ability. In our villages, Marla, Mamados, Ismail, Kato Marla, the majority of people were marblers, quarriers, seamen and much fewer were farmers and breeders. They were people progressive, restless, open to innovation. They were rapidly taking in anything new and foreign that the migrated marblers in Black Sea and Middle East as well as the seamen from their long journeys were carrying. In this way, a radical, innovative and creative society was formed in the geographical limits of the Edging Parts of Tinos. The vital economical and geographical limits of the Edging Parts are determined in the northwest part of the island and are distinguished from those of Pyrgos by the conceivable line that begins from Ligostamata position in the southwest coasts of Tinos, leaves the top of Petala in the north and descends to Agia Moni. From there it goes on to Kato Marlas and in the bottom of Kyra Kseni and the Monastery and then, following the foothills of Profitis Ilias (shelters), ends up to the bay of Ornon.


In the northwestern part of the island is the coastal settlement Koumelas Mali, with its beach. A small pebbly beach with the imposing rock at its left. It is worth a visit even just for the wonderful route to there, where you will see the marble mines. Swim to the left overlooking the cliffs.

Pyrgos...like a museum picture

There are so many things that can be written about Pyrgos. It is the village where the Panormos School of Fine Arts has been situated since 1956. Another attraction of the village is the Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. So it is considered to be the keystone of marble sculpture, painting and art history. As homeland of many famous marble sculptors like Giannoulis Halepas, Nikiforos Litras and Giannis Gaitis, it was the leader in the utilization of the white and green marble ledge which exists in the area. Crests, carved signs, fountains, tables and many others are among the things you’ll come across wandering in Pyrgos, finding out the biggest part of its history.

Panormos...like a collectible frame

One of the most picturesque fishing villages, it was going to play in important role in the development of maritime and trading since the old times. In the port of Panormos, green marble was loaded coming from the quarries of the area and it was transported to the rest of the country. It’s one of the most beautiful touristic attractions that cast a spell on anybody visiting the area with its picturesque bay and the delicious tastes and flavors coming from the taverns nearby. The beaches are ideal as the north wind does not affect Aghia Thalassa and the tamarisks use their shade to cool Richard.

...Every step in Exo Meria brings you closer to its long tradition and history. It’s a culture that flourished and still flourishes in the island of culture, Tinos, avoiding the limelight. It keeps its best for the visitor who seeks and searches for something completely different.


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