You in Tinos

Tinos! The rough diamond of the Aegean Sea, the island of art, of miracles, to nome just a few of the particular characteristics given to Tinos. But nobody could describe Tinos in such a few words! There are so many things remaining unknown , waiting to be discovered by the traveller!

Tinos is situated in the Aegean Sea amontoado Naxos and Mykonos and it is the third biggest island of the Cyclades complex after Naxos and Andros. It's quite close to Athens and you can traveller to it either from Piraeus or from Rafina by  ferry. There is no airport on the island of Tinos. The closest airport is in Mykonos. From Mykonos, visitors can take the daily ferry to Tinos. The ferry trip is 20 minutes

A short trip to the hidden paradise of Cyclades. Discover it!

Traditional villages, long sandy beaches with crystal clear water, sea view from balcony-settlements to the Aegean Sea. The residents of Tinos are famous for their hospitality. They offer their love, waiting with a smile and a treat, on their doorstep...

A wonderful mainland! Forty picturesque villages where we can admire the unspoilt architecture. Arches, cobbled streets, local craftsmen, basket weavers and potters using to this day traditional methods. Meet them, talk to them and buy their unique products.

Tinos has created a “school” in the art of marble. You will see some of their great sculptures in the Museum of Marble Crafts in Pirgos, while the new generation of tinian marble sculptors has their workshops in the island. Having studied in the School of Fine Arts in Pirgos, they have worked on almost all the monumental projects in Athens: the restoration of Parthenon, the University, the National Library, the Archeological Museum.

Tinos is the native place of some of the greatest sculptors, such as Yannoulis Halepas, and artistic objects of marble are visible everywhere in the island. All marble carvings are made with great love and fantasy making the island an outdoor museum of folk art. That's the reason why, one of the most important artists of contemporary art, Costas Tsoklis, chose Tinos as the right place to exhibit his work.

Tinians seem to be inextricably linked to their religion. Countless chapels throughout the island, standing everywhere and having a great view to the sea, frequent celebrations and feasts show people's pure faith to God.

The church of Panagia Evangelistria is the most important orthodox pilgrimage site of Greece.

Thousands of faithful arrive on the island for the great festival dedicated to the Virgin Mary. When entering the church from the central gate, to the left of the entrance you can see the miraculous icon located on a marble shrine, which is surrounded by votive offerings left by pilgrims. Valuable jewels and dedications by innumerous believers , representing eyes, hearts, ships, trees ant many others.

The biggest celebration of the “Virgin Mary Assumption  Day” and one of the biggest in the Orthodox Faith takes place on the 15th of August.

Tinos' life is full of cultural events. Festivals of music and art, especially in the summer, sounds and arts from all over the world come together in Tinos. The Jazz festival, the festival of literature, the revival of customs, educational program for children and adults, pottery seminars and more. The festival of Exombourgo, which is nationally recognized, has been taking place in Tinos for 10 consecutive years, from May to October, covering a wide variety of cultural events.

Discover the gastronomic palette of Tinos!

Unique dishes created by local housewives, different treats for each celebration, delicious dishes for special events, traditional or gourmet tastes that one can find everywhere, in every corner of the every village....

Important food festivals you shouldn't miss:

  • 1st Sunday of carnival time: Traditional pork roasting.
  • May 12th: The Artichoke Festival
  • July 29th: The Caper Festival
  • August 20th: The Revival of the Trawler
  • September 2nd: The Honey Festival
  • September 16th: The Raki Festival - “Rakizio”


Alternative tourism...In Tinos there is a great potential in other forms of tourism that can satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Bouldering : There is a well organized climbing area, on granite rock, well situated and easy to reach.

Surfing :  in Tinos all year round, in the first surfing centre in Cyclades. Ideal winds create great waves for surfing.

Diving : Incredible experience as the rich underwater nature waits for you below the surface.

Trekking : Enjoy the extraordinary nature of Tinos through marked trails of great cultural interest.


Tinos Useful Numbers

Municipality of Tinos: 2283 3360100,

Municipal Committee of Tourism: 2283 360125

Port Authority: 2283 022348

Rafina Port Authority: 2294 022300,

Piraeus Port Authority: 210 4191700,

Mykonos Airport: 2289 079000

El.Venizelos Airport: 210 3530000,