We’ve chosen and present you the best food related businesses of Tinos island. Discover them!



We’ve chosen and present you the best local recipes of Tinos island. Everything is here for you to discover!


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Potato Pie or “pate” or “bobota”

Recipe for Potato Pie INGREDIENTS FOR 8-10 PERSONS • 2 ½kgs of potatoes • 2tbsp of butter •1 big chopped onion • 4 eggs slightly scrambled • 2 cups of grated cheese (kefalotiri or some other piquant type of cheese) • 1tbsp of oregano • ½ cup of milk • ½ cup of chopped parsley
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Strong winds, waterless soil and somewhere among the round granite boulders of Tinos – a bizarre island – you notice it. “The vineyard that talks” and now…it speaks loudly all over the world. Having produced 20.000 bottles per year with a potential to reach shortly 30.000 bottles and many international articles, the time is ripe
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Little Fish (Psarakia)

Anna Delatolla’s recipe The famous little fish don’t swim in the sea… they are sweet stuffed pancakes which are offered in Christmas during weddings and christenings. INGREDIENTS FOR 45 LITTLE FISH For the stuffing: • 1 cup of water • ½ cup of sugar • ½ cup of honey • 2 cups of chopped walnut