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Fillet of roasted red mullet in the pan with greens

INGREDIENTS 6 red mullets 1/2 kg of Greens Olive oil 2 Lemons Salt Pepper PREPARATION Peel, wash well with vinegar and water and boil the greens, keep the juice from the boil to drink with a little lemon. Clean and fillet the red mullets, carve their skin with the knife, so that they do not
Ψητές ζαργάνες με μαϊντανοσαλάταRead more +30 January 2022 in Recipes

Grilled garfish with parsley salad

Some advice for pairing food and wine can be overly strict. The truth is, you can eat pretty much whatever you want while drinking whichever wine you want. Sounds great. There are, however, time-tested guidelines to help you plan meals and go through life as an educated traditional food-lover. The ultimate expression of Asyrtiko produced
ΨαράκιαRead more +31 July 2014 in Recipes

Little Fish (Psarakia)

Anna Delatolla’s recipe The famous little fish don’t swim in the sea… they are sweet stuffed pancakes which are offered in Christmas during weddings and christenings. INGREDIENTS FOR 45 LITTLE FISH For the stuffing: • 1 cup of water • ½ cup of sugar • ½ cup of honey • 2 cups of chopped walnut