We’ve chosen and present you the best food related businesses of Tinos island. Discover them!



We’ve chosen and present you the best local recipes of Tinos island. Everything is here for you to discover!


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Fennel Pancakes

INGREDIENTS (4 PERSONS)• 2 ½ cups of self-raising flour •1 big onion • 3 fresh onions • Some fennel• 1 ½ cup of olive oil for frying • Salt, pepper PREPARATIONChop all vegetables. Mix them with the flour and add water until a thick batter is made. Stir well and take spoonfuls from the batter.
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Tinos Foodpaths

Tinos  Foodpaths has become an institution! It began in 2015 as an action of the caterer’s union, which represents all catering and recreation businesses. The aim of this organization is to point out the Gastronomic Wealth of Tinos through the synergies in the field of gastronomy with local producers. The extroversion of this wealth -cultural
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Gastronomic tourism in Greece

PRECONDITIONS FOR ITS DEVELOPMENT Defining the term gastronomic tourism we mean the new form of an alternative way of having a holiday, where the local cuisine culture plays the leading part. Gastronomy is a significantly profitable tourist product for Greece which has a wide range of raw ingredients available and an inexhaustible wealth of traditional