We’ve chosen and present you the best food related businesses of Tinos island. Discover them!



We’ve chosen and present you the best local recipes of Tinos island. Everything is here for you to discover!


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Tinos Rusks

Recipe for Tinos Rusks INGREDIENTS FOR 60-70 RUSKS For the leaven: • 100gr of moist yeast or 3 sachets of dry yeast • 2 glasses of flour • 1 cup of tepid water For the dough: • 2kg of flour • ½ cup of oil • cup of anise • 250gr of sugar • Hot
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ΜΕΑΤMARK is a meat processing and packing company, with excellent specialization in poultry and with a wide variety of products. Having launched a series of high quality poultry products right from the start and for many years on end, the company then moved on to the pork meat production and distribution..   . . . 
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Savore with must syrup

Recipe for Savore with must syrup INGREDIENTS FOR 6-8 PERSONS • 1kg of small boops boops or whitebait • ½ cup of flour • 1 cup of oil for frying For the sauce: • 3tbsp of olive oil • 3 cloves of chopped garlic • 3tbsp of flour • ¼ cup of vinegar • cup