A different breeze


Filled with light and history

The capital of Tinos began to develop in the 18th century. People that were found on the island have left their trace and their influence. Built on the busy central port , Chora is very crowded as 4500 Tinians live there.

A visit to Tinos, occasioned by Megalochari will help you to discover Chora ‘s secrets.

Evangelistrias street is considered to be the most commercial street of the island offering a huge variety of products.

Behind the window of the beach, there are many alleys full of taverns, traditional shops and amazing mansions.

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The most complete guide to places to stay, attractions to visit and specialities to taste and enjoy in Exo Meria, in order to turn your visit into an enjoyable experience.


From traditional hotels to family apartments or furnished houses with picturesque yards and arch’s, Chora has lodgings for everyone’s likes and purse.

Local Products

Don’t leave Chora without Panagia’s Icon or a chaplet . In the market there is a huge variety of products to choose from. Traditional woven textiles, local sweets, works of art as well as clothes and shoes.


You can find anything in Chora: Tinian croquettes made with fennel, fourtalia, homemade dishes, local meat or the traditional souvlaki. From taverns to fast food restaurants, everything within reach.


Coffee-bars providing a viewpoint over the sea, “ hidden” bars and live music taverns form the palette of the nightlife in Chora, which is as fabulous as in the other cosmopolitan islands.


We’ve chosen and present you the best accommodation, restaurants cafes and shops of Exo Meria. Discover them!

in Vrekasto

Greek and Mediterranean dishes

"Elia" in Vrekasto

"Elia" restaurant spread its wings in tinian gastronomy two years ago, in June 2015. It's our love for our homeland and our passion to create wonderful Mediterranean dishes, based on the traditional products of Tinos, that give us power and make "Elia" stand out.


A fresh approach to hotel living

Kynara Filoxenia Tinos

Aegean Sea. Island of Tinos.

Welcome to the unexpected...

Welcome to relaxation!


Original flavors


Traditional dumplings with modern view in a new area on the beach of Tinos. our original flavors, with sweet and savory combinations will disrupt your senses.

Itan Ena
Mikro Karavi

In the center of Chora, Tinos

Itan Ena Mikro Karavi

"Itan Ena Mikro Karavi" means there was a little boat.

In the center of Chora, Tinos there is a little boat. A boat, different from the rest, which leads you to journeys to savor and Greek creative gastronomy. Since 2008, the restaurant with this imaginative name, waits for you at the green garden to fascinate you with all exquisite delights, next to vines and bougainvillea.


“The vineyard that talks”


Strong winds, waterless soil and somewhere among the round granite boulders of Tinos - a bizarre island - you notice it.

“The vineyard that talks” and speaks loudly all over the world.

Having produced 20.000 bottles per year with a potential to reach shortly 30.000 bottles and many international articles, the time is ripe for the « Tiniaki Ampelones» have gained the position richly deserved in the worldwide wine community.


Pastry shop


36 years ago, Kollarou family decides to have a lifetime change, leave Athens and return to the homeland. Later on, they create NOUFARA pastry shop, first in partnership and afterwards in family, thanks to the father’s great experience, who had worked for the best pastry shops in Athens (Serafidis, Toulipa, Delis, King’s George hotel etc.) as well as the mother’s silent support. Nowadays, the children are responsible for the shop while the parents remain important helpers in every endeavor.


Tinos island in a bottle of wine

Vaptistis Winery


 Our origin from Tinos island, in the Cyclades, and our immense love of this beautiful place enabled us to get involved in the adventure of planting a new vineyard and starting wine production.

Our deliberate decision of only using indigenous Greek grape varieties led to the selection of those that adapt perfectly to our island’s terroir.


since 1975


Giorgos Foskolos and Fragiskos Amoiralis count more than 30 years of “pastry-making” presence in the island. In 1975, they leave Athens behind to move to Tinos and together start Mesklies, aiming at making people’s lives as sweet as they can.


Tinos new wine label

Volacus Wine

The idea of Volacus Wine first started in 2010, when the first vineyard was planted in the area of Gardari, in Falatados village, by the Tinian Michalis Kontizas.

Chora of Tinos is very different from most islands in Cyclades. Although the town maintains its traditional colours, small sand pictures, Megalochari dominates in Tinos. The imposing church of Panagia Tinou was founded on the spot where the icon of the Annunciation was found, during excavations, following a nun's vision. It was revealed on 30th of January 1823. After the discovery of the icon, the construction of a new church was begun. The construction of the church required a great number of workers, large quantities of marble but mostly money... But as if by a miracle, all problems were resolved with generous contributions both of time and money by the people of Tinos. All construction work was completed in 1880. Since then the imposing church stands there awing the visitors.

Chora of Tinos “holds” well-kept secrets! While wandering in the alleys visitor will discover cobblestone paths, traditional houses, old mansions with blazons and eye- catching jasmine bushes and the old road with the shops. Although things are not very traditional in Chora, due to concurrency over precious city space for commercial purposes, emphasis is given to interventions like the coast lighting or the renovation of neoclassic buildings.

Have a little promenade along the port. There are innumerable cafés , taverns and confectioneries where you can relax with a Greek coffee or an ice cold beer. Do not omit to walk the pedestrian road, Evangelistria Street, full of little shops, where you can shop for souvenirs, clothes, jewelleries and local products. On the left side of the street there is another remarkable building, the School of Theology of Tinos, work of the great architect Dimitris Pekioris.

The pedestrian street is full of life. Art galleries, the Weaving School of Tinos, the Retirement Home of the island, cafés, pastry shops and local restaurants are hidden in the vertical alleys.


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