Climbing Tinos

anarixisi tinos
Climb Exombourgo reveals the secrets of climbing at the largest boulder area in Europe,Tinos island so as to conquer not just the mountain, but even yourself. The rock of Exombourgo is considered the largest boulder area in Europe     Certainly, when you get on the ship for Tinos, you cannot imagine that you are going to

House in Tinos

This traditional house in Tinos, originally built in 1910, has been lovingly reimagined as a modern home. Set in the mountain village of Falatados, each area of the renovated house plays on the original functions of the building and revives these spaces with a fresh and contemporary purpose. The lower level, the katoi, originally housed

Axahas, a refuge that gazes ad infinitum

Two stone holiday houses were designed in such way that they would become integral part of the “homemade” scenery of Tinos. They became one with the nature of Exo Meria. Slates, a material easy to work with, having been saturated by the sea for hundreds of years. They have created a landscape of unparallel beauty.


Three young men,Dillan Liritis, Panos Daferanos, Stathios Fanos, are fulfilling their dream by expanding their business Dentro All Day Bar which was built from scratch with passion and hard work. Dentro is open from early morning offering an amazing Brunch and a selection of coffees, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. We are well known for

Wedding and Baptism: Save the date

The island that combines the aegean blue and cycladic landscape. Traditional architecture, art and local gastronomy. It is the ideal setting to “write” one of the most important and beautiful pages of your life. Whether it is marriage or baptism. The wedding or baptism is not the ceremony alone. It is everything that has to
Our goat, Jo, will go off the beaten track in her search of the best and purest local raw materials, for her and her loved ones to feast on. She does not need to travel long, for her flexibility and sheer wit allow her to compile enough food. Not only for her outright survival, but

Let’s go the way we used to

Sometimes, time goes by merciless. Other times, we enjoy every day pleasantly like “tsibity” cheese pie with cold water. This is “ Hydrousa” with its long history and its tradition. How everything began The island of Aeolus, as it is known today, because of the strong north winds, is inhabited since the prehistoric ages. It
Son of the sculptor George Megoulas, he followed the “street art” as he characterizes it by making the… revolution of his generation, using an unintelligible nickname, Cacao Rocks. Coming from almost all over Greece on his father’s side and France, on his mother’s, he found himself in Tinos, loved it, was inspired by it and
Born in Piraeus, raised in Thessaloniki, he left the  co-capital, as he revealed himself, in one night, to go to Athens and since then he lives in the capital… “and I didn’t even go to collect my stuff” he admitted with honesty. Markos Machairopoulos is considered the “master” in the organization of events, who may have
In the picturesque bay of Panormos there is Maru. A restaurant that through the view and its dishes takes your mind to various parts of the Mediterranean with main destination Greece. Greece comes to your plate with the classic favorite grilled sardines which are baked alternatively in the oven filleted with an aromatic filling and