For a decade in the field of communication for the place, we came together with a pure love for our island and its people, Tinos and its sides, with issues that attracted the attention of our visitors from all over the world, who apart from Tinos lovers, they are special people each one of them

TASTING: Their last purchase

Of course, our tasters have the privilege of tasting fine wines throughout the year, but they also occasionally buy bottles that have given them a particular emotion. They describe. Olivier Poussier The ace of Greek assyrtikos, in magnum! At the cellar Iosif, on the island of Paros During sunny holidays in the archipelago of the
A vineyard on the island of Tinos In the north of the Cyclades, in the heart of the South Aegean Sea, this vineyard perched at 460 meters high and surrounded by huge rocks, is mainly planted with Assyrtiko. T-Oinos is the project of two friends, Alexandre Avatangelos, a Greek businessman passionate about wine, and Gerard

Museum of Marble Crafts

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The Museum of Marble Crafts of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) is located at Pirgos in Tinos, a major art centre that has produced many significant Greek artists, including the sculptors Gianoulis Halepas and Dimitris Filippotis. It is a unique showcase of the technology of marble, a material that holds a special position

Tinos through her eyes

Jacob von Sandrart, 1687, pg 65
A rare collection- a remarkable writer Human race stands out about its curiosity. It seeks knowledge not only to satisfy practical needs, but also as an end in itself. We could mention more than enough turning points in this quest: language, the invention of writing, engraving and typography, as well as the development of shipbuilding

Aghia Thalassa

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A Sea Of Memories A journey from Athens to Panormos and a narrative story from yesterday to today, through the eyes and heart of Nikolas Saltamanikas. They surely have something to say, those who showed what the traditional island gastronomy means. The main characters of this story our are Marie and Agis and our conversation
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Awarded TV Chef to take on classes in PRAXIS Culinary Academy! Awarded Chef Leonidas Koutsopoulos, who is well known in the Greek public, mainly due to his participation as one of the judges in the culinary reality show “Master Chef”, will be one of the culinary instructors in IEK PRAXIS since September this year.

From Tinos to the end of the world

to express the eternal and the ephemeral through a bottle of wine We are interested in best expressing the “terroir” with the least possible intervention on it. We aim to respect the land and the vineyard in order to highlight what it has to offer. In a breathtaking place of great natural beauty with scattered,
Dovecotes, works of art of the island Once upon a time Manthos Prelorentzos lived in Athens, since one day he decided to go back to the place he came from, the beautiful island of Tinos. Although he had studied mechanical engineering, his return to the island gave him the courage he needed to follow what

Lisa Pentheroudaki

Barcelona and my paintings 008
Acquaintance with a special                            Presence Lisa Pentheroudaki studied interior design at Wigmore Fine Arts in London. She worked for many years as a decorator and and at the same time she attended art  classes in Visual Arts Workshops. Her love for children