Church of the Virgin in Hora with Father
Food- The most delicious excuse to get together with friends He travels very often all over the world. He cooks professionally. He could manage a hotel or a restaurant. He can teach history, writing, culinary arts and theater. He can be a successful businessman in a large company, but instead he prefers to observe, interact

The unique “Lanterns” of Tinos

On the 30th of January, the finding of the miraculous icon of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary is celebrated. The afternoon of the day before, the Holy Icon is carried by a procession to the lower temple, called “Naos tis Evreseos”, and placed near the point where it was buried for long. In the evening


Stavros Charisopoulos

Stavros Charisopoulos was born in 1976 Athens, Greece. He developed an interest in photography by attending photography courses at the American Community School of Athens. He became a member of the Photographic Circle and attended technical seminars on Fine Art Photography by Platon Rivellis. His photographs were exhibited at the Hellenic American Union, the Tsichritzis

A fresh view to our reality

Evripides Apostolides interview He isn’t a professional chef. He isn’t a photographer. He isn’t a blogger. He is Evripides Apostolides, who has been till recently and for 17,5 years the general manager at Restaurant Spondi, the best restaurant in Greece and he is probably the best amateur chef, photographer and blogger in the country, at

Panormos…SUP hot spot

One of the most picturesque fishing villages, it was going to play in important role in the development of maritime and trading since the old times. In the nature port of Panormos, green marble was loaded coming from the quarries of the area and it was transported to the rest of the country. It’s one
Giannis Siotos interview He is young, happily married, highly educated, experienced professional, highly respected by both his friends and opponents, willing to offer, having original ideas and he has recently been elected as Mayor of the island. This is Giannis Siotos, the Mayor of Tinos. By Popi Kouzoupi 1. University degree in law, master’s degree

What is SUP all about?

Start now! Stand up paddle boarding is an offshoot of surfing that originated in ancient Hawaii. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider sits until a wave comes, stand up paddle boarders stand on their boards and do use a paddle to propel themselves through flat water or ocean waves. SUP, in Greece is a fast

Taming the waves

Actor G. Hraniotis interview From the school of Physical Education and Sport Science on a theatre stage and from Dominican Republic on live stages and in the waves of Tinos. This is George Chraniotis, an actor that,contrary to his success and the roles he has played, is considered to be the boy next door. Let’s

Tinos Festival 2018

TINOS FESTIVAL 2018 JUNE Wednesday 20/6 Children’s Theatre Odette and Vlassia Odette. Vlassia. Sisters. Witches. From another time. Weird. Infatuated. Dusty. All weather…. A panorama of dance, acting, theatre, acrobatics and musical. A show full of music that will exhilarate both children and adults. Duration: 55’ Old Fish Market, Entrance: 5€ Wednesday 27/6 “ The zoo story”