Like honey and cinnamon tea

Traditional sweets, wild nature and warmth

The traditional houses and the villas of the island are dressed up in order to welcome winter and Christmas holidays. It’s the season that makes you stay in Tinos forever.

It’s the way the hostess greets you offering homemade kourabies as at the same time you can feel the unique smell. It’s the way you can taste fourtalia (traditional omelette) in a café in the village. The men will prepare the Chorosfagia (pig slaughtering) so they will cover the annual needs for meat for the family. And as you wander on the paved alleys in Chora, as you pass by Kionia or you have decided to visit the stone forest in Volax with its lunar appearance, you feel the winter as a soft touch. You walk on the cobbled streets from Chora to Xombourgo and you count the days. It’s the 30th of January, when the Find of the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary is celebrated and you can experience the “Fanarakia” custom. The lanterns create a spectacular image illuminating the narrow streets. That’s how Tinos looks in the depths of winter. Like a bright light with its magic glow.