Like a full moon

Morning dewdrops, tasteful caper leaves and carefreeness

The place where summer noons acquire the ultimate meaning of laziness is Tinos. Sit under a plane tree in the square of Pyrgos to feel the real cool breeze. Wander in the paved alleys of Chora in the dusk. And if during the days you can enjoy swimming, diving, waves to surf in the lacy beaches of the island, there is a different kind of delight during the nights in Tinos. Under a full moon or not, you’ll enjoy fresh fish in Panormos, you’ll climb Arnados- where it feels like the time has stopped- or you’ll have a good time in one of the festivals in the villages of the island.

If on July 23rd you happen to be in the island, don’t miss the procession of the Icon of Virgin Mary in the convent where it was first discovered. And the season rises on the 15th of August in the church of Panagia Tinos, where faithful from all over the country swarm towards and everything seems festive. This is how it feels summer in Chalepa’s island, like homemade lemonade and traditional nougat.