Like a spoon sweet

Blooming lemon trees, verdant paths and devoutness

The most promising season of the year during which everything is reborn forms a blaze of colors and experiences for the island of Tinos. Wander through blooming lemon trees and right after that taste the sesame sweet with lemon leaf in Halary’s pastry shop. The verdant creek in Perastra, the dovecotes and the ascend to Xombourgo peak with the magnificent view are only a few of the places you can visit in Tinos in spring.

And as there are dozens of chapels,  who wouldn’t like to live the devoteness of the Holy Week and the Resurrection in the holy place?A bouquet of wildflowers for the Epitaph and a piece of Tsibiti (traditional cheese pie of Tinos) at noon on Holy Saturday, gives the visitor a sweet taste. Like the last spoonful of fig marmalade, served on a lacy plate, with water in a traditional cafe in Falatado.