For the orthodox world, Tinos is what Hollywood is for every actor. Awe, joy and devotion are some of the feelings that one shares from the very first moment he gets down from the ship. Here, the religious element is so intense that its energy seems to vibrate the entire island.



In 1390 Tinos becomes Venetian state and changes. Italians and other Europeans arrive at the island. In order to reinforce and strengthen the local catholic flock, people –mostly farmers- are asked to become Catholics in exchange for money. Most families say yes and in this way 25-30 parishes are formed in the villages which are founded later. Every village also constitutes a parish.


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Wedding and Baptism: Save the date

The island that combines the aegean blue and cycladic landscape. Traditional architecture, art and local gastronomy. It is the ideal setting to “write” one of the most important and beautiful pages of your life. Whether it is marriage or baptism. The wedding or baptism is not the ceremony alone. It is everything that has to
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White specks The architect Maria Vidalis analyzes the strategic position of chapels to the landscape of Tinos as well as their connection with the villages and their people. At the two hundred km² of Tinos, there are around seven hundred and fifty chapels, sparse over cultivable land, close to paths or at the tops of