Miracle of Faith

The heart of orthodox faith beats in Tinos. The miraculous icon of Panagia welcomes every year thousands of believers who arrive at the island just to kneel before Her.

For the orthodox world, Tinos is what Hollywood is for every actor. Awe, joy and devotion are some of the feelings that one shares from the very first moment he gets down from the ship. Here, the religious element is so intense that its energy seems to vibrate the entire island.

But why Tinos is so special for the Orthodox believer?

The most important reason is the –up to great level- identification with Virgin Mary. A how it could not be as in 1823 Virgin Mary’s icon was discovered in the island after Santa Pelagia’s visions. People claim that this icon is responsible for countless miracles. So, the miraculous features is what has made thousands of believers to flock in the island in order to spend even a few minutes in the church of Panagia and see the precious icon from close distance. The church was constructed in 1880 there where the icon was found and constitutes a great architectural project of the start-up state.

Therefore, occasioned by the hosting of Our Lady’s icon, several feasts are realized in Tinos attributing honor and faith to Her. The most significant ones are the following:

Celebration of finding (30/01)
Annunciation (25/03)
Anniversary of Santa Pelagia’s vision (23/07)
Assumption of Mary (15/08)

In August 15th it is also celebrated in the island the torpedoing of the protected cruiser Elli which for many people is considered a great example of the power of the miraculous icon. Back in 1940, the day when thousands of people from every corner of Greece were celebrating the Assumption of Mary and the island was packed with people, the cruiser was attacked by the Italians, fortunately without anyone of those who were in the harbor getting injured. They were many who talked about Virgin Mary’s protection…