Like the rustle of leaves

Paved alleys, aromatic fennel pies and delight 

The season when nature gets ready to change costume, it’s time to find out the unknown aspect of the island. As the roar of the crowds has abated, get ready to see things that make Tinos unique. Visit Pyrgos, an outdoor folk art museum. Watch basketweaving in Volax. Descend to Kambos, where Kostas Tsoklis’ museum, fountains and crests are in to do list.

In Loutra there are two museums but as the weather is suitable for hiking choose one of the 24 charted itineraries and see why Tinos is said to be a huge museum. And when you rest and have a helping of string beans and wine from the granite rocks of the island, as a treat, don’t miss the opportunity to watch “ralizio”, the process during which Tinian raki with the unique taste of fennel is produced. Tinos in autumn has colors and fragrances, that make you fond of this unique island.