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Real Estate

Sitaras Real Estate


The first organized agency at Tinos. The consistency, reliability and systematic work consolidated very quickly our presence in the market. Having a contemporary understanding and knowledge of the market needs, but at the same time the appropriate sensitivity towards the natural and social environment of the island, it was established in the transactions and in the mind of traders. Thanks to our multidimensional view on its proper development, we provide high quality brokerage and consulting services.

G. Zarpas Bros
Real Estate

G. Zarpas Bros Real Estate

We Create your Dream House.

Are you dreaming of having a house in picturesque Cycladic Tinos? Markos and Efstathios Zarpas Brothers are the most appropriate people to make your dream come true. Our Technical Engineering and Construction Company, having gained a multiyear-long experience in the field, can undertake the building design of your house from scratch till the end or can present you to a wide selection of already-built traditional houses and urban apartments. We are also dealing with real estate transactions allowing you to choose the location of your property in the island. In the same time, we can assume the building construction, restoration and maintenance of your property (wholly or partly). Our personal involvement in all construction phases, quality materials, our concern and respect for local architecture, guarantee immaculate results.
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G VIDALIS | design + construction

The office of Giorgos Vidalis, dipl. civil engineer, is founded in 2002 on Tinos, undertaking studies and supervisions of buildings, offering at the same time services that cover the wide spectrum of an engineer’s work.

Foskolos Theodoros

Foskolos Theodoros
Wooden Creations
FOSKOLOS THEODOROS Co., with a 37-year presence in the field of kitchen furniture, casings and clothes closets construction, offers construction solutions that meet special needs and demands, focused on both quality and aesthetics. The business was set in 1978 by Nikos Foskolos who along with his son, Thodoris Foskolos, have kept up their progressive work to date.


Tinos Dove suitesRead more +01 February 2022 By Nikos Saltamanikas in Accomodation, Architecture

Tinos Dove suites

The site of this study is a representative sample of the Tinian landscape. In the Tinian landscape, the image of the dry stone walling called “xerolithies” that hold the precious soil in shaped layers is prevalent. Scattered on those there are white dovecots and stone agricultural buildings – usually undercut – so-called “kelia”. The design
Orion TinosRead more +15 January 2022 By Nikos Saltamanikas in Accomodation, Architecture

Orion Tinos Luxury apartments

Located on the coast of Tinos and with an unhindered view of the Aegean, the three-level urban building of Ηotel in Tinos, which consists of four luxury suites with a small  pool each, is a modern touch adapted to the existing landscape. Our desire for the building’s volume to be as subtle as possible while
Read more +08 January 2023 By Nikos Saltamanikas in Accomodation, Culture, Events, General

MARU: The influence of the Mediterranean on your plate!

In the picturesque bay of Panormos there is Maru. A restaurant that through the view and its dishes takes your mind to various parts of the Mediterranean with main destination Greece. Greece comes to your plate with the classic favorite grilled sardines which are baked alternatively in the oven filleted with an aromatic filling and