Foskolos Theodoros

37 years of experience

FOSKOLOS THEODOROS Co., with a 37-year presence in the field of kitchen furniture, casings and clothes closets construction, offers construction solutions that meet special needs and demands, focused on both quality and aesthetics. The business was set in 1978 by Nikos Foskolos who along with his son, Thodoris Foskolos, have kept up their progressive work to date.

Their expertise:

  • Design and construction of kitchen furniture using designing novelties that match both modern and classic choices. Their basic feature is the perfect quality of materials and mechanisms used, so that the customer is offered a detailed construction which is functional and based chiefly on his/her personal needs.
  • Construction of heat and sound insulated casings with energizing glass sheets, shutters and front doors, respecting the island architecture and promising top quality, safety and functionality. The casings are very resistant to wind pressure, waterproof and have CE certificates.
  • Construction of clothes closets, with pull-out or pull-along door systems, designed according to individual needs and offered in a wide range of patterns, colour shades, dimensions and high-class designs.
  • Construction of inside doors, which are characterized by the meticulous work and the emphasis on detail.
  • Canopies, which are the best possible form of shading. They secure protection in all weather conditions and are in full harmony with the aesthetics of the buildings.
  • Construction of all kind of furniture (bathroom, child room, living-room combinations etc.) based on the individuality and the personal style of the customer.
  • Construction of kitchen, bathroom, restaurant bar and hotel reception counter tops made from CORIAN. This material is solid, without pores, antibacterial and homogenous in formulation, so it offers great designing possibilities and endurance in the passing of time.
  • Sales and setting of PVC and aluminium casings, which are distinct for their aesthetics and design and guarantee heat and sound insulation. The company is in cooperation with EUROPA, ALUMIL, ALUPLAST and REHAU representatives.


The company staff has long-lasting experience and expertise in the field, and as a result all constructions are of high standards, deliveries are always in due time and after-sales technical support is guaranteed. The fact that this is a family company and that all production procedures take place within the same unit safeguards instant control and a perfect quality-price liaison, making its products extremely competitive.



Aghias Paraskevis 9
Tinos, 842 00, Greece