Villa Tuffi

The project concerns the redesign internally and construction of one of the houses in an existing seaside complex of rentals in Tinos under the name Achipelagotinos. Two-level house with all modern amenities, with an open plan living room, kitchen, dining room and two bedrooms of which one master in the first level and one more
INGREDIENTS 6 red mullets 1/2 kg of Greens Olive oil 2 Lemons Salt Pepper PREPARATION Peel, wash well with vinegar and water and boil the greens, keep the juice from the boil to drink with a little lemon. Clean and fillet the red mullets, carve their skin with the knife, so that they do not

The epitome of Street Art

If there was a class about street art, he would have the title of University professor. Mazes, hieroglyphics, circles, as well as other symbols, dominate his creations. He managed to convey the style of South Bronx to the heart of Manhattan. Few people know him by his real name. We are talking about a famous
There’s always a bet, every time you design and build something, whether it’s a private residence, a hotel complex or a public work. The building should not only be harmoniously integrated into its environment by highlighting a unique aesthetic but also adapt to the needs of its user by clearly responding to its requirements. So
INGREDIENTS 1 kg of large red mullets 1 onion Juice of 1 lemon 60g of olive oil Salt and pepper A few cardamom seeds Boil the greens in plenty of water. Leave them over medium heat for 6-7 minutes or as long as it takes to eat pleasantly. Strain them and pour them into bowls
INGREDIENTS 10 sea urchins 1/4 cup of oil 1/4 cup of white wine 200 gr of Carolina rice 1/2 large onion, finely chopped 1/2 bunch of parsley, a little dill, a little spearmint, 2 spring onions, 1/2 tomato, finely chopped Salt Pepper PREPARATION Peel the sea urchins from the thorns with a hard glove (ideally

The “Countesses” of Tinos

Exracts from the Venetian rule on Tinos From Thodoris F. Chiou   The history of Tinos during the Venetian rule is notably interesting not only because of its particularity, but also because of its significance regarding the course of the island through time. Indeed, Tinos has followed its own historical path, which is different compared
Philippos Phortomas belongs to the new generation of Politicians. But Philippos Phortomas differs in many ways. It is not just the fact that he was elected at one blow as Member of the Parliament for the Cyclades. It’s not even the fact that he holds a very important CV in terms of studies and actions.
He is famous. He is one of people’s favorites. He is selective in terms of his choices. He is bold in his career. He is fond of long journeys. He’s an ideal companion and a good father. For all these reasons and many more, our lens turned to the actor Nikos Psaras, who guess what,


Easter belongs to Tinos Exaltation of the soul in magnificent Tinos Tinos is considered to be ahead of the game when it comes to Easter. But Easter in Tinos is much more than the devotion and the magnificence of Megalochari. Yes, Tinos with its dozens of churches in all its villages, and Our Lady of