Demetris Hatzis and Rabella Gre

Δημήτρης Χατζής & Ραμπέλλα Γρε
Demetris Hatzis and Rabella Gre Rabella and Demetris live and work in Tinos. Demetris was born and raised in Pyrgos. Having graduated from high school, he went to Athens where he studied Marine Engineering. Years later, he came back to the island, he met Rabella and since then they live together. They have two children

Mara Desypri

Μάρα Δεσύπρη
Flash lover Mara Desypri, the top Greek fashion photographer does not need special introductions. Her photographs have conquered the world of fashion, but she seems to have been “conquered” by her homeland, Tinos.   . . . .

Kalli Bellou

Zoom in  Kalli Bellou is a professional photographer. She introduces herself as a lover of the insignificant and the simple thing which through her lens becomes…’something’. Theoretically she is a “stranger”, she does not descend from Tinos, yet she has childhood memories of the island. Her photos depict a different Tinos, her own Tinos that

Photo Elena

Photo Elena…for moments unaffected by time Since 1965 the name of LASKARIS of “Photo Elena” is a guarantee for quality in the field of photography. Charis Laskaris studied the art of photography and was fascinated by it through his father, whom he then followed and succeeded in the field. In his twenty-year career he has done

Megalochari of TINOS ISLAND

How the miraculous Icon was discovered  A lot of things have been said about the Icon of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary. The discovery of the Icon was considered a divine omen for the Turkish occupation. Since the discovery, many miracles as well as works started happen. One of them was the Holy Church of

Tinos’ history

Mythology The ancient name of Tinos was Offiussa based in the fact that the island was full of snakes. One Greek myth describes how Poseidon sent a flock of storks to Tinos to free the island of the snakes. As a sign of gratitude the islanders ancient ancestors worshiped Poseidon and his wife- nymph Amphitrite


It’s something that people used to do in cold winter evenings. Today, it still exists, adapted to the modern way of life. Τhe family who planned to participate to a Vengera, would prepare earlier a lamp with oil and wick. This was the necessary lighting for the route. After the family dinner, the father would

The table of brotherhood

This is another old Christian custom, according to the rule of Mount Athos, which is revived during the Christmas period in Tripotamos. Every year a family, whose leader is given the title of Kavos, must look after the village church, dedicated to “Isodia” (Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple). Among others, the


It is a special custom,  revived on the first Sunday after Easter, during the big feast of Panagia Lakkotiani, in Isternia. Rodaria takes place after the end of the Divine Liturgy celebrated in Panaghia, the church which is located just outside the village. According to the custom, all pilgrims have lunch together at a common

Lighting the “Kandilia”

A “kandili” (“kandilia” in plural) is a small sized glass, filled with a little water and oil and a wick on top which holds a flame. All orthodox churches have “kandilia”, many of them hung in front of icons. Lighting the “kandilia” in all chapels every Saturday afternoon and on the eve of major Christian