Kechrovouni Monastery

Kechrovouni Monastery Located on the mountainside of Kechrovouni, at 650 meters above sea level, this Monastery is dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary and was founded by daughters of a wealthy family of Tinos in the 11th or 12th century. It is a complex, which includes the main church, smaller churches, as well as

Events Program for Halepas Year

A. EXHIBITIONS: 1. SCULPTURE- ENGRAVING- DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITIONS: Duration: July-August 2018. Coorganization with the Association of plastic and visual artists of Tinos (60 members). Exhibition director: Manos Staphanides, art historian. Exhibition venues: a)Ysternia primary school, b)”Nikos Gaitis” Art Gallery. Modern Tinian artists honor the important creator, analyzing his life and work and starting a

Tinos Running Experience Program

5th Tinos Running Experience 2018 competition program FRIDAY, 08/06/2018 21:30 Athletes arrival and welcome 22:30 asta Party for the participants of Tinos Running Experience 2018, in Kechros village. The association of the village, with the valuable help of its residents, and especially of the women takes over to cook traditional recipes with local products based on the athletes’

Tinos Running Experience

Tinos, 27/01/2018 PROCLAMATION For the fourth consecutive year, the “Tinos Running Experience 2018” Road Races is being launched by Tinos Commercial and Industrial Association of Tinos, with co-organizers in the Region of South Aegean and the Municipality of Tinos. All About Running is the technical support of the Games. The program includes 21.1km, 10km, 5km,

Eleni Glini


Alekos Kyrarinis

Ioanna Papastathopoulou

Ioanna Papastathopoulou
Tinos through an architectural eye – Ioanna Papastathopoulou An Athenian (although her grandmother is from Tinos, she was never taken for true Tinian) architect, Ioanna Papastathopoulou, has helped us see that the coin always has two sides and truth is somewhere in the middle. “I wouldn’t change my life in Tinos for all the money

Giannis Giannelos

Giannis Giannelos
Giannis Giannelos I love Cyclades, I like them each and every season of the year. I am attracted by the dry landscape, the wilderness and the tranquility they ooze, the winds, the smell of earth. I have travelled a lot, but I was lucky enough to visit all these islands, flying above in a helicopter

Aristeides Kontogeorgis

Aristeides Kontogeorgis
Aristeides Kontogeorgis was born in Tinos.He studied at the Fine Arts School of Northern Illinois University in the USA, where he obtained degrees of Fine Arts, Art History and Political Science. He holds a PhD in Technical Management and Applied Arts. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts of
Χρύσα Παρασκευά & Μιχάλης Λάμπρου
Chrysa Paraskeva & Michalis Lamprou: “Art of light” With countless clicks, flashes and recs, the combo of the Photography Shop,Chrysa Paraskeva and Michalis Lamprou, “narrates” our pleasant moments. Every time that Chrysa moves freely with her camera, she returns to her Photography Shop with magical pictures. Each click equals to an immortal moment in time,