Journey in taste

The Local products of Tinos Lead: The island of Cyclades, famous for its remarkable and rich local production, is an ideal destination for those who seek for local taste “treasures”. Island with gastronomic identity “A dish hot or cold. One bite, small or large. The taste. Food, one of the most basic and most beautiful
INGREDIENTS 1 large amberjack of about 2 kg 1 kg of okra 3 onions, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves 1 tomato concasse 1 wine-tint of vinegar 1 cup of Olive oil salt and pepper 1/2 bunch of parsley finely chopped Juice of 2 lemons PREPARATION Sauté the onion and garlic, add the okra after you

High requirements breakfast

You chose this place with confidence. You were impressed by the accommodation at first sight. What a shame though, it does not offer breakfast. The most important delight when you are on holiday and at the same time the most significant meal of the day. Unless you are in Tinos, where you can now enjoy

The Hut

The idea of the construction which came new to “sit” on an existing situation… The construction of the small house by Kolybithra beach, only 15 m. away from the sea and with northwest orientation,  dates since 1883. In this space of 17 m² and 3,15 m. height of this existing space I was asked to
INGREDIENTS 1 kg of octopus 1 cup of oil 1 kg of stew onions or large onions, cut into 4 1 glass of wine vinegar or white wine A few bay leaves 1 cup of tomato or tomato paste Garlic (optional) 1/4 cup of water Salt Pepper Few peppercorns Few grains of allspice PREPARATION Cut
Who has claimed that the only space of experience is the one indicated among  by walls and physical boundaries? Certainly not an architect since the first space of experience is the one that he/ she visualises before the design starts. And why he/she should not invite space users to extend themselves from a physical space
INGREDIENTS 2 kg of fresh fat anchovy 1 kg of semi-coarse or coarse salt 1/2 litre of strong vinegar 5 – 6 garlic cloves in slices 1 tablespoon of capers 1 tablespoon of peppercorns 1 tablespoon of salt 1 – 1 1/2 water glass of oil (olive oil & vegetable oil) PREPARATION We pick fresh
  PROPERTY INFO Living Space: 112 m² Rooms: 6 Bedrooms: 1 WC/Baths: 1 Year of Construction: 1901 Price: 283.000 €   LOCATION INFO District: Tήνος State: Cyclades   Tinos,  just 6 km from the beautiful and picturesque village of Triantaros, a stone  traditional residence totalling 112 m² built on two floors  is for sale. The upper floor consists
DETAILS DE LA PROPRIETE Surface  du Terrain: 4.000 m² Maison surface: 240 m² Chambres: 4 Salles de bain: 4 Prix: 1.350.000 € ΤΟΠΟΘΕΣΙΑ ΑΚΙΝΗΤΟΥ Région: Tinos Département : Cyclades Distance de plage : 500m     Surface  du terrain: 4.000 m²,  Maison  habitable: 240 m²,  Terrasses: 165 m²,  Piscine à débordement: 47 m² , Maison  sur deux niveaux: 140 m² de

Let’s go the way we used to.

Sometimes, time goes by merciless. Other times, we enjoy every day pleasantly like “tsibity” cheese pie with cold water. This is “ Hydrousa” with its long history and its tradition. How everything began The island of Aeolus, as it is known today, because of the strong north winds, is inhabited since the prehistoric ages. It