Dough & Shaker

Pizza Pasta Cocktails

Dough & Shaker is the brand new all-day space in Pyrgos. Its doors have just opened, in April, 2016, while it is found aside from the busy square, at the main road after the parking and is waiting for you, from the morning till late at night with coffees, food and drinks.

The new meeting point, with indoor and outdoor spaces, has maintained the traditional character, still it has been totally renovated so as to adjust to the modern needs of a pasta bar / pizzeria. Responsible for the Cycladic result and minimal aesthetics is the architect Aristides Dallas.

Who would have thought of trying freshly kneaded pasta in an island? But it’s true that at Dough & Shaker, all doughs –for pizzas, peinirli & pasta – are prepared on a daily basis so as the products to be really fresh! Pizza ingredients, cheese and cured meats are of supreme quality as the come from small Greek cured meat industries while vegetables and the rest of first materials are mainly local. As for the sauces (eg. pesto), all of them are made by themselves without the use of any additives or prepared – frozen products.

No matter if it is a pizza or a pasta dish, everything is prepared at the moment of the order. Some of Antonis and Francesca’s signature specialties are the following: pizza with traditional sujuk or fresh vegetables, peinirli with fresh minced beef, pasta with mushroom pesto as well as sweet pizzas with chocolate-banana-biscuit or kinder Bueno or strawberries and coconut.

In the evening, start your dinner with a refreshing cocktail from the freshest list made by the awarded bartender, Giorgos Tsirikos.


Free delivery


Vegan Menu

Free Wi-Fi



Tinos, 842 01, Greece


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 01:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.