Stonehouse Villa

Absolute Summer Bliss

Enjoy your holidays in the picturesque island of Tinos and discover the island’s beauties as you are staying in a comfortable private villa. Stonehouse Villa is what the name suggests and so much more! Just built in 2016 using materials from the island, like wood and stone, Stonehouse villa is a four bedroom independent house in a quaint and tranquil location, conveniently close to both the beach and the Chora of Tinos! Stonehouse villa is ideal for friends and families and people who seek for a modern-day living in a traditional and absolutely elegant villa!


Be part of Tinos Island’s Beauty & Serenity!

Following natures’ call and using natural resources and the charming scenery for inspiration we created this 2 storey villa with four bedrooms in a secluded part of Tinos. The villa can comfortably accommodate 8 people who will enjoy their holidays in premises close to the beach and with amazing views to the Aegean Sea. Relax in the indoor areas with the living rooms where the big glass door opens to the Grand Blue of the Aegean, or spend quality time with your friends and family in the gardens of the Stonehouse Villa in Tinos!

A spacious and charming villa in Tinos Island!

In Stonehouse Villa we want you to feel like you just arrived to your summer house! Here our friendly people will welcome you with an effortless smile, show you around, ensure that they are at your disposal for everything you might need, and you only have to enjoy staying in Stonehouse villa in Tinos with your beloved ones! We created Stonehouse villa with an absolute respect to the environment of Tinos, care for every singly detail and one and only wish; to enjoy your holidays in Tinos island and the brand new Stonehouse Villa!


Free Parking


Free Wi-Fi




Tinos, 842 01, Greece