Beach Bars

The best Beach Bars in Tinos you have to visit

Lalalouza Beach Bar

If you decide to visit Tinos this year, don’t miss beach bar “Lalalouza”, on the southeast of the island, 6.5 km far from Chora.

Ideal destination for families because of the swallow water and the sandy beach. “Lalalouza” is a unique place to be as it offers viands and drinks made of local products. Their names are Tinian too, as louza is one of the most well known deli meat produced on the island.

Agapitos Armakolas is the life and soul of the beach bar. Having got involved with the catering industry for 20 years, he decides to create this place with love for his island. Its lively atmosphere will amaze you. In a brief conversation we had with him, he pointed out that he wants to offer comfort and relaxation. That’s why he chooses soft lounge music for his frequent customers as well as comfortable sun beds. The staff’s smiling faces, the cleanliness and friendly service made an excellent impression on us.

We strongly recommend it.

Βeach bar & Restaurant Ballos

Vοurni... The emerald clear waters, you have the feeling that you are in another land, in a different place. Yet, you are in Tinos. Vourni- Beach BALLOS: You’ve just driven for 6km, from Chora to Kionia, you saw the sign “BALLOS Tavern “, you turned left on the dirt road and you reached your destination: the isolated, idyllic, sandy beach by Ballos Bay, Vourni. On the tiny beach there is the cafe- restaurant “Ballos”, with its special people. The idyllic atmosphere could hold the visitor’s attention. But there are many other reasons why you should visit Ballos restaurant again. Fotis’ unique hospitality and knowledge about the dishes he provides and the original and delicious recipes in low prices, are only a few of the reasons.

Enjoy the sandy beach, close to your table, and then relax under the pergola, try the delicious dishes, drink your coffee or ouzo and gaze at the landscape of Ballos Bay.

Selected tasteful dishes, pleasant and friendly environment together with the blue sea and the view to the island of Siros will fascinate you.

The land meets the sea and the traditional dishes meet the flavors of the Mediterranean Sea at the place you’ll love. The most inclusive experience.

We enjoyed our coffee and our drink on a comfortable sunbed, we ate sandwiches and snacks and then .... Fotis’ delicious dishes!

That’s the fantastic Ballos Bay.

Golden Beach Bar

It is characterized by the pebble-sand duet as well as the green artistic intervention of the shady trees. On the advantages, you may add the view towards the mystic Delos and the amenities of umbrellas, deckchairs. Good Music, Cocktails, unique cuisine, wonderful people!

Marathia Beach Bar

Sun, sea and sand, on the largest sandy beach of Tinos! The scenery of summer relaxation is perfectly complemented by “Portokali” beach bar. Wooden decks, cushions, hammocks, and “chill out” music characterize the beach bars’ ambience. Fluffy towels are offered complimentary on our organized beach, while guests can enjoy ice-cold coffee, refreshing wine, a swim in crystal clear waters.

Beach Bar Fyki

In the beautiful beach of Ag. Ioannis Porto is the beach bar FYKI. Join an unforgettable journey of rest, relaxation and tranquility enjoying the amazing beach, wonderful music, refreshing cocktails and our tasty dishes.

Ammos Beach Bar

In Kionia beach, just a few minutes away from Chora, you will find Ammos. Perfectly combined with the magnificent sandy beach which is spread right in front of the sea, and without being too windy, the dressed in white beach bar welcomed you with lots of music and smiles.


Cool coffees and juices, different kinds of snacks and beers keep you company before or after your swim. And if you feel like it, from 1 pm and on, kitchen is on with tasty and revitalizing dished made by Fotis Tsourbas. Ask for the renewed menu catalog which is mainly based on Tinial ingredients. Open from the morning till the sun goes down.

Kardiani-Kalyvia Beach Bar

Using the nicest words to describe his business, Mr. Filippousis mentions that: “Kalyvia beach constitutes a downwind spot that “teaches” the art of “hanging out” with cocktails based on raki, lounge music and relaxation under the big tamarisks which generously offer their shade. Thanks to its idyllic location, Kardiani Kalyvia beach bar is also ideal for bachelor parties”.

Rohari Beach Bar

At Rohari Beach we listen to Reggae, Jazz and Chill Out music and we relax in hammocks. We drink unmatched cocktails. We try, after some coffee or drink, snacks made of local products and we do not neglect the baby baguettes filled with local mizithra and kopanisti cheeses.

Opening hours every day, till mid September, from early in the morning till 9 in the evening

Saint Sea

The absolute calm zone is here and is called Saint Sea. The ideal place to relax and enjoy ypur coffee and tasty cocktails. An enchanting place that integrates perfectly with the natural beauty of the turquoise waterscape that give you a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The comfortable pillows and colorful tables in combination with the burlap shades, gives you the feeling that you are somewhere exotic and makes you never want to leave.

The beach of Agia Thalassa, is located in the northwestern part of Tinos, is the only beach sheltered by the meltemi or "etesian" winds of August. The small bay that forms is the most important asset of the beach that allows you to enjoy all those things that includes the Greek summer. Our salty stories are on! Join us!

Open from 10:00 am

Location: Agia Thalassa, Panormos, Tinos

Beach Bar Summer Drops

In a renovated place in the well known beach of Aghios Fokas, you will find cool smoothies with fresh fruit, coffee, snacks and delicate cocktails that can satisfy any taste.

This summer Beach Bar « Summer Drops» offers cool «drops».


Live the beach lifestyle

Enjoyment in shade, there, now!!!

Nice people, young people, companies, families, cosy sun beds and umbrellas for sun protection, excellent service, great variety of juices and snacks when sea makes you feel really hungry, music, by professional DJs, perfectly fitted to the different moments of the day, and vast panoramic sea view. That’s Elia Beach Bar which, having a quiver full of quality and the experience of Elia Restaurant, makes your summer holidays an one-way street to Vrekastro and Aghios Fokas Beach. Greek summer heart beats here! Enjoy!!!


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