Markos Zarpas

Markos Zarpas: “We build your dream house in Tinos”

The so affected – due to the current financial status of the country – constructions sector forms an important part for the further progress of the island. Markos Zarpas, a specialist in the specific sector as well as the real estate market enlightens us concerning the given situation in Tinos.

  • What kind of audience do you address to?

I am a member of the construction company ‘Afoi Zarpa’, with a 20year presence of quality constructions of apartments, vacation and traditional homes, as well as luxurious properties in the construction industry in Tinos, all confirmed throughout the years.

Our long experience on the construction industry on the island has given us the credence to superior knowledge of the local market.

I am also the exclusive contributor and representative of the international Real Estate Agency REMAX for the island of Tinos.

The target audience of our company is Greek and foreigner investors who express their interest to build or buy their dream home in Tinos, may it be in a quiet traditional village, by the sea, or even in the town of Tinos.

We cannot also ignore the interest of the local community of the island with their dynamic support in whatever we deal with.

  • What kind of services do you offer?

Cooperating with REMAX and being a member of the construction company, enables us to offer completed services to the customers, not only in their search and purchase of a constructed property, but also in their search for a plot  and the construction of a property in it. Apart from that, our professionalism and credibility are indicative, since we are also available for any service needed, such as reparations or other amenities concerning the property, after the purchase or the construction of the latter.

We aim to attract to Tinos both the national and the international buying public through the knowledge and the trust that both companies have achieved throughout the years. Advertisement, extroversion and the current needs definitely lead our way and make us more receptive and open to new challenges.

  • How challenging is the real estate market in Tinos? Do you also accept the responsibility of property dealing on other nearby islands?

As mentioned above, both the construction company I am a member of, and the real estate company I work with, trade in all forms of constructions and promotion of estates. Today’s customers are well informed and have a high level of criteria for choosing to construct or to buy a property. This is where our excellence lies, since we have set the bar high with our reputation and course through time following us.

  • What kind of homes can somebody find in Tinos?

The services of the companies I represent range from finding and buying a plot or a constructed property, to constructing a property from the start. As you know we live in hard financial times, so it is important now more than ever to consider each expense and the cost for our customers, but also the latter to have a sense of security for the investment which is assigned to us, so that they relish the best of services promptly.