Alexandra Papadimouli

Tinos is magical.

When I get there, I breathe. I don’t care if the wind blows like crazy, don’t care if I don’t go to the beach. I just want to wander around the villages and their paths and make a new discovery. The nature and architecture of Tinos is my inspiration and my destination.

The Aegean is my personal slice of heaven: the sea with the ever changing colors and moods, the strong yet refreshing winds, the rough and proudly standing rocks, the lovingly prepared food, the wise local architecture and a culture that has been shaped in conversation with the surrounding nature.

When I met my husband, I fell in love both with him and his birthplace, the island of Tinos. We visit the island in every chance we get and we hope to live there one day, at the traditional village of Agapi ( agapi means love in Greek ).

My name is Alexandra Papadimouli. I am a professional independent graphic designer and blogger, based in Athens, Greece. Through my blog I try to promote minimal design to the Greeks. If I had to invent a personal style, that would be Scandinavian-Greek: a combination of clean forms and practical beauty.

Since I began blogging, I was amazed by the world of Nordic design (not a very popular style in Greek apartments yet). My very first thought was & “I want more walls to look like this!” So I came up with the idea to combine minimalistic style with themes inspired of by the Aegean, and create prints that will work as souvenirs and give minimalistic aesthetics on a wall as well. Each of my posters has a story behind it: A shape and its origin, a form and its function, a hidden feeling to be discovered. I really hope they can communicate this feeling to the buyer.

Architectural and natural elements of the Aegean are my inspiration. Shapes used in traditional wall building, bright sunlight and the forms it creates; these are a few of the things that inspire me.