The Handmade Island

Here we are again, for the seventh year in a row! As everything around us changes,  our island changes as well and we change too. With a team, that worked tirelessly during the winter we feel proud to say that the most complete portal for Tinos has come into existence. Changing for the better, the visitor of keeps himself informed and will keep himself informed, for 365 days per year, about everything that happens in the island and at the same time, through micro sites, about all the local businesses.

And we aren’t the only ones that we try to give prominence to our island as a top tourism destination all year round, through our consistency for publication, quality and fresh material. It’s also our mayor with his vision as a tireless producer who invests in his product and receives an award, our young chefs that give prominence to the island’s raw materials, businessmen coming from the island who have their business here, artists that love the island and live here permanently or the managers that promote Tinos all over the world. But first and foremost it’s the island, the blessed land, and everything that happens in it together with its natural sources that make Tinos so important.

Tinos is an  island that attracts visitors no matter the season. That’s thanks to Giannoulis Halepas, who died 80 years ago, who is timeless as well as Tinian gastronomy that smells through Tinian  villages or the lacy beaches of the island.

In a period of time when the reader is in a constant search of information, we know how to present Tinos  in the best way! And when people feel complete it’s always summer in their heart exclamation!

Have a nice reading time until we meet again!


The Collector’s edition Issue Covers

Eleni Glynis’ cover

In the artwork I’ve created for “Tinos About”, I’ve chosen to draw from an iconic element of the Tinian architecture, the lintels, as well as another iconic element of nature the snakes!

I’ve processed on my own technique using pencils, not a chisel, on a paper, not on marble, a Tinian marble lintel with openings of various shapes and flat raised  emblazonments with flowers, cypresses, birds and animals from the 18th and early 19th century, which is located in Benaki museum. On the upper part there are two snakes coiled together as a reference to Tinos Ophioussa.


Alekos Kyrarini’s cover

This work of art depicts an angel on a horse throwing lightning at a dragon. In the eastern Christian tradition good and bad coexist, albeit not equal. Good gives ground on bad as a tool for our mental fight. It’s made with the technique of egg tempera on prepared wood.