And here we are with our 6th edition! In these lean years, somewhere among taxes in Greece of poverty, there is the creative Greece of evolution and in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea there is the island of Tinos. Our island! This inclusive place that knows how to create art, culture and distinction. But wait. Tinos doesn’t just venture out, it stands imperious. It watches its guests from all over the world full of self confidence. It feels superior not only because of its glorious past but also of its promising future as many things happen there and deserve publicity.

   And that’s our task!

  Since without work and collaboration there is no development, we try, like tireless workers for the last six years to show up the best part of our land.

   Through 300 pages, every year on time, we show the cultural and natural wealth of the island. Two years ago we enriched our material with 40 drone videos shown on YouTube, Vimeo and many other channels promoting the villages and beaches of the island!

   A purely tinian business sees Tinos developing in the most positive way and allows visitor to gain his personal opinion, holding in his hands one of the decades of issues which can be found in every kiosk of the country. And for the visitor who hasn’t arrive at the country yet, there is the most visited bilingual portal

    Having a team of journalists who share the same love for the island, sponsorships for the most important events and personal relationships with common people as well as the decision makers of the island, Tinos About has come to lead the island to the top.

   Its entry in the universal platform Pressreader , the biggest online newspaper kiosk, proves this point. More than 10.000.000 readers watch Tinos through its magazine.

   They embraced us via our material, our quality and our punctuality and we appreciate their help in making our identity known.

   Finally, we welcome Greek Brand New, a unique collaboration which is going to turn huge profit in the wider communication of our island through its professionals. 51 Greek companies take part in Greek Brand New with products designed and produced in Greece. It’s about the new trends of design starting in Greece, as the creators want to redefine our country’s identity. Greek Brand New is created to promote products made by Greek entrepreneurs and designers, in Greece and abroad.

   Tinos About and everything promoted through, it is related to our unique and original island…Tinos.

   For all of you that love the way we do and for them who should have a healthy contest, we are here to discover together with you, all these things we are proud of.

    Trying always to do our best…

    Have a nice summer!!!

Saltamanikas V. Nikolas