The Komissa (Countess) of Tinos

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An All Day Bistrot real jewel, opened its doors in the square of the village Komi in Tinos. Since early morning until late at night, in Komissa you will taste quality coffee, special breakfast flavors, slightly enhanced brunch options, along with a gastronomic variety of dishes and drinks that make you stay until late at night.

The Komissa (Countess) of Tinos, with genuine aristocratic air, was born from its owners’love for good food and good wine. Based on the huge range of local gastronomy and the imaginative ideas of the chef, Komissa brings on your plate a wide variety of flavors of the island, rich in authentic raw materials.

You can go to Komissa as soon as you wake up, it opens at 9.00 pm, and start your day with energy and taste. Continue for brunch, while from 6:30 p.m. and on Komissa “wears” her formal dress and welcomes you with special dish suggestions. And as life is too short to drink poor quality wine, in Komissa’s wine list only top spirits are included.

Discover the special wine list with main selections of wines from the Greek Islands but also some from mainland, without underestimating the large collection of beers. Did we tell you that in Komissa you will taste Cheesecake with peach sauce & caramelized cherry tomatoes?


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Menu in 4 languages



Komi village Tinos, 842 00, Greece


.(+30) 2283051883

Η Κόμισσα των Κυκλάδων

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