t opened its doors exactly two summers ago and it was as if it opened for us the gates to its unique world, where instead of letting you see through the keyhole, it invites you to see, taste, feel, be nostalgic and therefore not forget! This is “Taxidi”, a concept store that celebrates daily the epitome of diversity under the sophisticated prism of the taste of its owners. “On an island, whose history is rich in cultural exchanges, artistic activity, and handicraft…in a place where famous sculptors and painters were born... we felt that the island was missing a place that was at the same time a cultural center, a café and a workshop", says Virginie Muys, the French-Belgian partner of Manthos Kalomenos from Kardiani, who are also the inspirers and owners of the “Taxidi”.

Arriving at Akti Vasileos Konstantinou 4 in Chora, the first thing you see, when you enter the place, is this harmonious serenity offered by the store's set-up. The light comes from above, the sea is like a work of art seen from the inside, the accompanying music predisposes you to stay there until closing, and all these without having tasted anything yet.

A rich menu, based on authentic local products, offers breakfast or brunch options,passing loosely the baton to cool cocktails. Of course, they serve first quality coffee of the Greek variety Kudu. Of course, they offer non-alcoholic options too, as well as imaginative tea varieties, jams, spoon sweets, salads and bruschetta in a list that is constantly updated. This is the “Taxidi”, where people of all ages meet, relax and share things. They drink their coffee, read a book, listen to a nice record and discover new artists. Here, they can also explore a collection of selected items – from clothes to furniture and from books to natural products – while enjoying wine, drink and food.

In the “Taxidi”, you have a magical possibility. It only takes a few steps to find yourself from the bustling Chora to a cool courtyard, where things are constantly happening, events, flavors and pleasures alternate harmoniously the baton. Don't try to compare it to any other venue. It is unique and invites you to live your own “Taxidi” ( journey) in it.

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Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue 4-6
Tinos, 842 00, Greece

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Working Hours

May: Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 15:00 .
June : Mon - Sun: 7:00 - 22:00
From July: Mon - Sun: 7:00 . - 00:00