To Tama Panormos

Tama…the place you will go again and again…

In the seaport of the traditional village of Pyrgos, in the picturesque bay of Panormos, "blew" haute cuisine. In the most picturesque natural bay of the island, Tama dominates. White tables, white chairs, pillows in the color of the sea, the sea itself a heartbeat away and some of the most gastronomic dishes in excellent combinations are served daily in front of you. The experienced chef Miltiadis Vlachogiannis arrived at the most beautiful corner of the island, Panormos and promises miracles to the palate of his guests. The cuisine at Tama combines Tinian products that coexist harmoniously with raw materials from all over Greece.

Tama's menu does not discriminates between meat and fish, even though it is located by the sea.  You will pass its threshold for seafood linguini in light crayfish sauce, but at the same time you may be fascinated by the moussaka rolls with béchamel from Tinos gruyere. From simple flavors and combinations to pancetta kontosouvli that have been created by the chef, having as a vision the authentic raw materials, which, if cooked in perfection and consumed in a pleasant and friendly place, take off the gastronomic experience and I’m making a vow right now that you’ll go there again and again. In the menu, last but not least the local raki from local producers of the island, as well as quality wines from various locations in Greece.

All roads lead to the enchanting Panormos and Tama, because actually ..... Food is our faith!

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Tinos, 842 01, Ελλάδα