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Our goat, Jo, will go off the beaten track in her search of the best and purest local raw materials, for her and her loved ones to feast on. However, she does not need to travel long, for her flexibility and sheer wit allow her to compile enough food not only for her outright survival, but for the sake of enjoying the bliss that is true quality food.

Jo’s endeavour brings back memories from nana’s old house in the village, where one would always receive one of the purest forms of love-served in her little balcony over the Aegean was always a hot plate of rizogalo she prepared for you to enjoy after a trip to the beach.

Whether it’s nana’s delightful dishes, or a very loved friend, the pure show of love that is food, is best demonstrated with the use of pure ingredients and attention to detail.

We set the table and eat together, whether it be small, large round or square, there is ultimately one purpose and that is to sit close to one another, embrace each other and express ourselves. Talk about the old and the new, our experiences and inexperiences.

When sharing food, only good things can happen, and we stand by that.Because at the end of the day, you’ll be sitting simà…


The breakfast we offer is nostalgic: traditional dishes a greek nana would make like kayana eggs, sourdough bread sandwiches, flan, strained yogurt with traditional greek sesame seed brittle and fruit, as well as made daily flour confections.


Our food is made to go in the middle of the table for people to share, accompanied by wine, drinks. Local recipes and Cycladic aromas, always with ingredients from our land. Selected cheese and meat from Tinos and surrounding islands, served with jam, honey and dried fruits, all handmade here.


A list of wines from ambassadors of domestic viticulture-tasty blends and varietal wines from abroad that have blossomed in Greece, but also older, forgotten greek varietal wines. Everyday we select some wine options, also available by the glass.



Panormos 842 01 Pyrgos · Tinos Island · Greece


(+30) 228 303 1009

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Monday – Sunday, 10.00 – 01.00


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