Pure Tinos: the first Wine Tourism Agency in Tinos.

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The delicious "pilgrimage" to the Island
Nikos Loukakis-Christina Tzanakou teach you Tinos through its flavors.
Pure Tinos: Create and enjoy your own "setting" of enjoyment of a meal or dinner.

When Nikos Loukakis collaborated with Christina Tzanakou, in May 2021, for the creation of Pure Tinos, they imagined that the island could become the place of a delicious "pilgrimage" as well. Based on the island of Panagia, Pure is a wine and food travel agent, aiming to promote local "miracles" to the visitors of the island.

For the first time wine tourism services are offered on the island. The local wines of Tinos become known and acquire the status they deserve through the services provided to its customers by Pure. The long experience of the award-winning Sommelier Nikos Loukakis in the culture of wine and food in combination with the financial and business knowledge of Christina Tzanakou, highlight the beauty and authenticity of Tinos, giving another dimension to the experience of your holidays.

Based on the narrow picturesque alleys of Chora, Nikos Loukakis founding member of the Panhellenic Union of Sommeliers and
winner of the gold medal, in the European and World competition 1998 and 2000, welcomes you to experience Tinos and awaken your senses.

Along with Christina Tzanakou, who considers him her mentor and who although she studied Economics at the University of Glasgow and in the process obtained a master's degree in Maritime Management, her love for wine led her to complete The Modern Sommelier curriculum and Hestia level 3 in the Greek vineyard, they offer private guides and wine tastings.

The beginning is with the local wines of Tinos, according to your preferences, presenting in this way the best Greek wines. In any way you wish, you create your own "script" of tasting and enjoy an unforgettable menu experience in Agni Tinos. Nikos Loukakis, who has been professionally involved in the catering industry for thirty years, initially as a sommelier in large and famous restaurants (Bajazzo, Island, Central, Varoulko and Mezzo-Mezzo) in Athens and Mykonos, chose for his own delicious "pilgrimage" the Island of Panagia, either in an old hammam, or watching the sunset of the island.

Drinking your favorite wine, having cooked yourself in the old-fashioned way, in a farm without electricity, you enjoy the "fruit of your work" at the end of the day, turning your private dinner into an incredible experience. But also a lunch in favorite restaurants, which use the local products, and tasting the local wines of Tinos, can "hide" magic. A magical experience can also be to visit the vineyards of astonishing beauty, seeing how the wine is "made" and enjoying at the same time the visit to the winery, enjoying the view of the terrace, exclusively made for wine tasting.

Nikos Loukakis and Christina Tzanakou guide you in the best way to... Pure Tinos, trust their experienced hands!

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