Michelis Nursery

Blooming Dreams! All about gardening

There are times when a family-owned, local business "flourishes" with growth rates that do not have even huge brand names. The ingredients of its success? It listens to and rushes to satisfy the needs of its customers in the best possible way, while at the same time it has passion and appetite for work.

This is Michelis Nursery, Vaketa location in Tinos. A business that works like a polished cog and offers solutions to easy or more demanding needs. In Michelis’ you will find everything concerning the garden or the decoration of your home, villa or hotel. Plants in various species and varieties. The varieties are selected on the basis of the quality characteristics of the products currently available on the market. Small pots, large for decoration, cut flowers, and whatever kind you wish, you will find it in the best quality in Michelis’.

At the same time, if your garden needs care, or plantings, they undertake them with great joy and professionalism since they have all the necessary machinery: hoe, loader, crane, and tractor with all accessories. The provision of services does not stop here, since you will contact Michelis for both water transport and sewage transport, since understanding the needs of the island, he has his own privately owned trucks to serve all needs. Starting several years ago with the sale of agricultural products, a productive nursery that along the way it ended up in today's huge nursery, the Michelis business is an example of success, when knowledge and innovation meet the willingness to offer and serve.



Epar.Str. Tinou Vaketa, Tinos 842 00

Working Hours

Mon - Sat: 08:00 π.μ. - 08:00 μ.μ. Sun: 08:00 π.μ. - 12:00 μ.μ.

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