Association of plastic and visual artists of Tinos

The association of plastic and visual artist of the Tinos was established on May 2017.

Today, a year later, among the actions of the association there are two group exhibitions in the Cultural Foundation of the Tinos. The first one entitled “Native land”and the second one “Like a dove, idea, symbol, space“, curating by M. Stephanides, a group exhibition in the primary school of Armandos, with a reference to N. Kazantzakis and a lecture under the title “Like a dove, idea, symbol, space”. The association will take part in the actions of the Cultural Center of Panormos “Yannoulis Chalepas” of the municipality of Tinos for the “2018, Yannoulis Chalepas year, 80 years since his death”.

The aim of the association is:

  • Promotion and exposure of the work made by Plastic and Visual artists, Tinians either by birth or by choice.
  • Gathering, promotion and exposure of the work of the decedent Tinian artists.
  • Digital recording and filing of the work of the older as well as the modern generation of the Tinian artists in order to create a database.
  • Books and magazine publishing as well as any kind of document and A/V and digital media.
  • Promotion of the unique characteristic of Tinos to produce artists and artistic works known both in national and global scale.
  • Organization of exhibitions with visual and artistic content.
  • Organization of festivals with artistic content, lectures, educational programs, cultural events, seminars, summits, walks, trips, banquets, books exhibitions.
  • Members’ cultural, educational and social development via lectures, seminars, art classes, cultural events and participation of the association’s representatives in equivalent events of other institutions.
  • Protection and preservation of the visual art of Tinos.
  • Communication development and creation of strong links among the members of the association in any appropriate way that results in social, professional, artistic and moral solidarity.
  • Exchange of opinions and creation of a platform for dialogue on art and culture.
  • Social and professional cooperation and peer support.
  • Co-operation with artistic associations and institutions in order to promote and disseminate art.


Duration: July-August 2018. Coorganization with the Association of plastic and visual artists of Tinos (60 members). Exhibition director: Manos Staphanides, art historian.

Exhibition venues: a)Ysternia primary school, b)”Nikos Gaitis” Art Gallery. Modern Tinian artists honor the important creator, analyzing his life and work and starting a conversation with him. Opening exhibition: Sunday, July 8, 2018. Ysternia: 11 AM , Pyrgos: 12 AM. There will be a tour in the tragic artist’s home and a reception afterwards.


The exhibition will take place in the internal port of Tinos (outdoor area opposite the banks) on the occasion of Chalepas year. Six Sculpture synthesis by Tinian  artists, characterized by linear forms, will be exhibited in co-organization with the Association of Plastic and Visual Artists of Tinos.Duration: June 20-September 30, 2018.



Akti G. Drosou,
Tinos, 842 00, Greece