Tinos Beaches

Sun, sand, pebbles, rocks and moonlight settings… summer and sea, words by theTinian beach glossary.



Cosmopolitan beach, just 3km away from Chora, for a swim with the temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite at the archeological site of Kionia in the background. The setting includes pebble, sand view to Syros and deckchairs for the fans of amenities. At the road to Kionia you will also find the neighboring, leeward coasts Aghios Markos and Stavros.


You think that you are somewhere exotic. The emerald clear waters, you have the feeling that you are in another land, in other places. But you are in Tinos.

«Coast Deligianni «and follow the dirty road to the left, resulting in asecluded, idyllic beach with shady trees, to reach your destination Bay Ballos with VOURNI, the small coast and the cafe-restaurant ballos, with the unique professional people.Here where the captivating blue sea and Syros, discover original recipes, delicious traditional snacks and sited flavored Mediterranean dishes at low prices.

Enjoy your bath in the crystal clear waters, just a few steps from your table and relax under the pergola , escort coffee or ouzo. And all this against a  background of a landscape that remains etched in your memory with indelible colors …

Aghios Fokas

3km long, it worth being considered as the largest -in acreage- beach of the island. Thanks to its short distance from Chora (2km), it seems ideal for those who do not have any conveyance because you can arrive there on foot. As for its features, it is characterized by the pebble-sand duet as well as the green artistic intervention of the shady trees. On the advantages, you may add the view towards the mystic Delos and the amenities of umbrellas, deck-chairs and beach bars. All along, you may find cafeterias, restaurants and taverns. If you want a piece of advice, prefer the part that is near the helipad of Tinos.

Aghios Ioannis Porto

Plain, shallow waters, pails, little buckets and generally family mood, it is ideal for those who are members of the “married” club. At this leewardm famous beach you will find taverns and beach bar. Its highlight the beautiful chapel in the edge. 6km away from Chora.


One more plunge suggestion addressed to whoever wishes to be close to Chora or is in a romantic mood. The peaceful beach with the shady trees and the relaxing scenery for a perfect sunset, is just before Kionia. As for taverns, restaurants and cafe-bars, they are lined up along the seafront road.

Aghios Sostis

Just 5km E of the town of Tinos, there is one of the most beautiful and crowded coasts of the island, with the “eyes” turned right across to Mykonos. Having been awarded several times for the clarity of its shallow waters, it is ideal for the young holidaymakers. The tamarisks of the area are so short that you think they want to get cool from the wave while at them same time, they provide shadow to those who are not fans of sunbathing.

Aghia Kyriaki

Protected from the winds, a sandy shore 5km away from Chora that is accessible by car through a dirt road.


Pachia Ammos

In every sense… Remote, peaceful and of low profile character, it is recommended if you despise of the crowds but it would not be a great idea if you cannot tolerate the etesian winds. With the impressive, golden dunes to remind you of a desert, with rocks sculptured by the brine and blue waters that lick the coast, you cannot but love it. 10km away from Chora.


The phrase “wild beauty” suits perfectly to this isolated bay in Pano Meri, with the black sand, fine cobblestone and transparent sea that gets suddenly deep. Those who will choose to traverse the 6km from Steni and drive in dirt road, they will be compensated by the time they have a look at the sculptural, peculiar rocks on the left and the “angry” waves during the etesian winds.

Santa Margarita

A secret for the few and very best; it is near Steni at the eastern part of Tinos. As for umbrellas or deck-chairs, these are out of discussion! You can get to the remote, sandy coast with the jade green seabed either via Potamia either by boat. Without question you must get supplied with water and snacks.


The road that begins from Triantaros, leads to a tranquil beach at the SE part of the island; this beach consists of white and black pebbles, crystal clear seabed and the obligatory for the shadow tamarisks. 5km separate the beach from the civilization of Chora.



The beloved of the winds which blow permanently towards this beach. It is the right one if you look for umbrellas, deck-chairs and also to get some peace of mind.


Unknown to the most people, an isolated beach covered with pebble, in Kato Meri. The picturesque chapel of Agios Charalampos seems to decorate the beach.


Also known as Mikri Ammos & Megali Ammos, you can detect it at the most northern part of Tinos, around 25min away from Chora. Basically it is separated in two, on the one hand there is the largest part which is hit by the northern wind and is quite peaceful and on the other hand, there is the smaller but protected from the winds bay with the semolina sand and jade green waters which is first in preference. We also give an A for the amenities given that there are deck-chairs, umbrellas, taverns and beach bars.

Aghios Romanos

“Godfather” of the rather leeward large sandy shore at the southern part of Tinos (11km away from Chora) was the chapel of the left side of the bay. Nature has endowed the beloved of the Tinians with shady trees, crystal clear, emerald waters and unobstructed sight of Syros.


Untouched by the massive tourism, the neighbor of Aghios Romanos at Kato Meri is in good terms with the loners and those who do not hesitate to pass a mini-odyssey in order to reach this exotic place. If you wish to swim in its turquoise waters next to greenish and white natural sculptures, you have to drive 11km in dirt road, walk in downhill and descent from rocks! Otherwise, you may choose to get there by boat.


If you climb the rocks at the end of Apigania, you can go to Kantani… or even better, by boat. An idyllic location, still absolutely isolated, for a swim away from indiscreet looks.

Palios Aghios Fylaktos

A tiny, rocky embrace that encloses clean blue waters, near Kolybithra. The short hiking in order to reach the beach will surely compensate you.


Ysternia Bay

The small fishing port in Ysternia, 17km NW of Chora, consists of clear waters, shingles and taverns to get some food while it “looks” towards Syros. 17km from Chora.

Yannaki Bay

Right under Kardiani village, the quiet little port of Exo Meria with the deep blue embrace of the Aegean Sea as well as the pebbles, gathers mostly families. On the advantages of the beach, you may include the taverns where you can have a meal or dinner of maritime influences. 7km from Chora.

Aghios Petros

A romantic picture of two sugary sands… And a rock in the middle which has the homonymous chapel on the top, seems like the natural boundary of the two quiet coves. Its highlight the shipwreck, draw for the divers as well as the view to Syros. It does not have any amenities which means that you should be supplied with water and all essentials.


The cherished seaport of Kardiani (13km from Chora), next to Agios Petros beach. Exotic moments with crystal, shallow waters, shady tamarisks all along, relaxation in chaise lounges under the rattan umbrellas and cocktails or raki from the Kardiani Kalyvia beach bar; always in speed and at your disposal, the beach bar supplies you with snacks, juices, coffees, cocktails and raki directly at your chaise lounge.


Isolated inlet at Exo Meri, that is to say at the NW part of Tinos (25km away from Chora). After the quarries in Marlas, the dirt road leads to the tiny Malli with the green, marble sea and Andros right across in the horizon.

Aghia Thalassa

Follow the dirt road that begins from Panormos and you will end up to one of the most idyllic, coastal locations in Exo Meria. Sandy, leeward, isolated, calm… ideal for dips just a breath away from Panormos.


Lunar landscape with bizarre rocks, a narrow swath of sand and tamarisks, perfect for swimming just a breath away from Planitis islet. How are you going to get there? By following the path that passes from the chapel of Aghios Nikolaos.


With amenities, a cosmopolitan beach near Panormos at the small port of the settlement Platia. Sparse tamarisks in the sands and view towards the Northern Aegean Sea.