Alekos Kyrarinis


Alekos Kyrarinis was born in 1976 in Athens and raised on the island of Tinos, the place of his origin. He worked with his father, Yiannis Kyrarinis, a sculptor in marble, from the age of eleven until 1997, when he was admitted to the Athens School of Fine Arts. At the School he studied at the studio of  Jannis Psychopedis and graduated in 2003.

He has illustrated the following books: Calendar of Group ALPHA 2003, Verifying the Night (Dimitris Angelis, Neos Astrolavos / Efthyni, Athens 2011), Encima del subsuelo / Above the subsoil (Kostas Vrachnos, limited edition, Athens 2012), issues 1,2,3  of the magazine “Nea Efthyne”,  Drippings from the tiles (Monk Antonios Romaios, En Plo editions, Athens 2015), issue 1 of the magazine “Anthivola”. He collaborates with the magazine “Frear” and with the cultural space “Baumstrasse”.

He has published an essay book about painting entitled “Nefeli’s questions”, Mikros Astrolavos / Efthyni, Athens 2011. He has participated in several group exhibitions in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Romania, France and Spain.


  • 2017    “Angelophany”, National Archaeological Museum, Athens (curator Giorgos Mylonas).
  • 2017    “24 scenes of Apokalypsis”, Evripides Art Gallery, Athens (curator Marios Teriade-Eleftheriades).
  • 2016     “FOS-ZOE”, in cooperation with poet Dimitris Angelis, Hellenic American Union, Athens (curator Luisa Karapidaki).
  • 2015    “Kata Physin”, Tinos Festival, school of Arnados (curator Themis Rodamitis).
  • 2015    “Pathoktonia”, Theorema Art Gallery, Brussels (curator Luisa Karapidaki).
  • 2014    “Barcelona Calling”, Aliquando at Hidden Factory, Barcelona.
  • 2013    “Vigilant Heart”, Citronne Gallery, Poros (curator Tatiana Spinari).
  • 2013    “Above”, Giorgos N. Vogiatzoglou Gallery, Nea Ionia, Athens   (curator Luisa Karapidaki).
  • 2011    “Above”, Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Exomvourgo, Tinos.
  • 2010   “Angel and Dragon”, Horos Technis 24, Athens. Presentation of vignettes   from the first three issues of the magazine “Nea Efthyne” combined with the first issue of the magazine.
  • 2010   “Angel and Dragon”, Horos Technis 24, Athens.
  • 2007   “Angel and Dragon”,  Ekfrasi Gallery Gianna Grammatopoulou, Athens.