The Concept Store

Getting off the boat on Tinos and as you start walking up the hill on Virgin Mary’s Avenue, it is clear that the Church not only dominates each and every photo frame you go past, but also fully embraces every aspect of the island’s daily life. No matter where you look, there are images and artifacts associated with religion. So far so good, it is what you expected anyway. Until, all of the sudden, on your left, you notice a storefront that looks out of place, a window that stands apart, strikingly different to the surroundings. Pleasantly surprised, you subconsciously find yourself somewhere else, thinking "that's odd, it's not possible!"

And yet, it is! George Kardaras, a successful businessman from Athens, when in the summer of 2022, he managed to create a unique store in Tinos, one you would expect to find somewhere in Scandinavia. We are talking about WE MAG The Concept Store, the vision of WE MAG, a firm based in Athens, founded in 2010, that specializes in the corporate gift field.

Looking at its window and going past its door, you instantly grasp the rationale behind its name. It is a store that takes you on the spot to a different place, not only because of its merchandise, but also through its whole atmosphere and aesthetics, which confirm the uniqueness of its concept.

Who would have thought that in these 28m2, you may find such a wide variety of reusable products for everyday use, from natural and recyclable materials (such as cork, wheat straw, bamboo, organic cotton, marble, etc.), as well as original origami creations and exclusive Greek designer mosaic jewelry?

On the shelves of WE MAG The Concept Store, you will find a big selection (more than 300 different items) of home products & decorative objects, stationery, gadgets; daily use and seasonal pieces as well as gifts, all with a green, ecological “twist”. Where else would you find wireless chargers made of wheat straw, cork umbrellas, notepads made of grass, bottles from corn or coffee beans? The only item that might be flirting with the notion of memorabilia is the selection of custom WE MAG postcards with drawings from the island, but even those are printed on paper made from potato skins!

For more information, but also a glimpse of the unique world of WE MAG The Concept Store, you may visit their social media on Facebook & Instagram!



Leof. Megalocharis 25, Tinos
Tinis, 842 00, Greece

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