Under The Sun Cycladic Village

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“Carelessness, endless blue, ice creams that melt on your hand, summer holidays in the village and smiling freckles, these are the thoughts that make our winter pass quickly and summer arrive happily.

This sense of absolute freedom and total connection of the summer Cycladic landscape, created the “Under the Sun Cycladic Village”, which is hosted on the steep slopes of the southwestern Tinos, among the beautiful traditional villages of Cardiani and Pyrgos, just before the village of Hysternia.

“Under The Sun Cycladic Village” opens its doors this year for the first time, supporting traditional beauty, timeless elegance but also the rich folklore of the island, giving value to the concept of Greek hospitality. Its owners are proud of the island and the elements that make it stand out and these are exactly the ones that they want to introduce to their visitor.

With total respect to the wild beauty of the island, the facilities of the “Under The Sun Cycladic Village” consist of cave constructions and Tinos stone with the aim of the highlighting and conservation of the natural landscape. 

All the natural elements of the Cyclades, are highlighted with the best possible way through the unique aesthetics and design of the facilities, in a coexistence that awakens summer pictures and moments, creating the feeling of a traditional village. The Cycladic sunlight harmoniously embraces the spacious suites of the “Under The Sun Cycladic Village”, introducing the whole island of Tinos, through a room. 

Tinian stone coming from its traditional drystones that abound in the island, paved floors that give the feeling that you walk on Cycladic cobblestones, decorative elements made of traditional green Tinian marble, white and earthy hues  and of course unobstructed view of the endless blue of the Aegean sea and the neighbouring Syros through the huge windows.

For moments of relaxation and carelessness the “Under The Sun Cycladic Village” has in all rooms, private jacuzzi as well as resting areas, while the visitor can enjoy the first meal of the day, with breakfast options that arrive outside his door, but also visit, the small café of the “Under The Sun Cycladic Village”, which is housed in a special, small, cave like, resting place.

Tip: Enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the island and be enchanted by the colors of the sky and the sea.

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Επαρχιακός Δρόμος Τήνου Πανόρμου Υστέρνια, Κυκλάδες 842 01


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