To Yiasemi

Authentic flavors in Pyrgos

Beauty in every dish !

In the most beautiful and picturesque village of Tinos, Pyrgos, there in its central square, under the huge trees and blooming flowers, we invite you to "smell" the authentic flavors of the brand new restaurant that opened its doors last year on the island. Yasemi (jasmine) is here to make your days, but even more your nights on the island, unforgettable. Its cuisine is based on genuine traditional Greek cooking, where the local products of the island have the place they deserve on your plate. A rich gastronomic experience awaits the visitor, who is enchanted by the cozy atmosphere and warmth that the restaurant exudes from the very first moment. Carefully selected ingredients, combined with the passion of the owners, as well as the location of the restaurant, make Yasemi (jasmine) suitable to become the new hangout for both the locals of the village and the plethora of the visitors that come to the famous village of Pyrgos in Tinos, every summer. From 2023, in Pyrgos, the nights smell like Yasemi (Jasmine).

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Tinos, 842 01, Greece

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