Tinos Eco Lodge

Eco-friendly tourist destination

The Eco Lodge is about providing an eco-friendly tourist destination on the island of Tinos, using the natural resources of Tinos island in a sustainable manner and creating an autonomous off-grid system for the houses. This means using renewable energy resources such as sun and wind as well as building with local materials, promoting and producing local products, minimizing and recycling our waste and promoting activities connected to the natural environment.

In order to supply a household with the basic infrastructural needs, we tend to use centralised networks for power, water, waste and waste water. This centralised approach is more suitable in densely populated areas that are characterised by short distances from input to output or output to input.

The Eco Lodge project plot is far away from these kind of supply networks. That’s why off-grid solutions became very attractive, on the one hand because we believe that under circumstances like these, they can do a better, cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable job and because necessary due to the location.


Free Parking

Pet Friendly

No Wi-Fi




Tinos, 842 00, Greece