Sto theatraki

At The Theatraki ... In Kalloni

A Culinary Journey with a Tinian Tradition Aroma

One of the unique dining spots on the island, located in the village of Kalloni in Tinos, a new eatery named "The Theatraki" has opened, offering delightful dishes inspired by local cuisine.

Something Different Every Day!

If you are a taste traveler who seeks more than just the natural beauties of each place and looks for a connection with the local cuisine, then your unique destination is ... The Theatraki.

With a renovated interior featuring a minimalist character, clean lines, wood, vintage furniture elements, and traditional cuisine, The Theatraki creates a distinctive ambiance. The exterior, with tables in front of the village’s small theater and a view of the Chora, forms an ideal palette of colors, creating a unique atmosphere.

Traditional recipes of Tinian cuisine are creatively blended with new gastronomic proposals, resulting in an exceptional taste experience based on seasonality, high-quality ingredients, and the expertise of Chef George. In George's new venture, the traditional handmade pies are a must-try.

No matter the season, whatever you taste, one thing is certain at The Theatraki: the flavors, aromas, and images will be forever etched in your memory!

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Tinos, 842 00, Greece

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