Evangelos N. Psaros

Butcher Shop - Traditional Products

Taste and quality on your table

Coming a long way in the field of meat retail, in Vaggelis Psaros’ shop in the centre of Chora, Tinos, we find today the third generation, which preserves the same values knowing about fresh meat and provides the best for you and your family. Meat of their own production like calves and lambs and others from local producers as well as traditional products of Tinos (caper, sea fennel, sun dried tomato) and of course local cheese from our cheese factories, are only some of the high quality products you can find here. If you aren’t a resident of Tinos, Psaros family delivers to Athens whatever you want, twice a week. Taste and quality so close for the first time.



Pantanassis Sqr.
Tinos, 842 00, Greece