The best view on the island, yes, it is a fact!

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The ferry disembarks you in Tinos, it is located on the coast of G.Drossou, you arrive at number…6 and you have no reason to go anywhere else! Pastel, a uniquely elegant all day breakfast & brunch restaurant, has raised the bar of enjoyment. First of all, it has opened its doors in the most enchanting part of the island. Unrestricted view of the Aegean, with the coziest decorative furniture, unsurpassed food and you… simply enjoy with good friends. Does anyone really need a lot to enjoy his holidays?

Pastel's answer is yes, and that's why from the morning it serves incredible breakfast combinations, whether you want to start your day healthy or need a caloric boost. Coconut milk, chia, almond flakes, banana, strawberry, forest fruits and honey VS churros with hazelnut praline, tick… “X”.
Travel to Brazil or Sao Paulo with taf coffee varieties but save space for the best that comes along the way. Have you eaten eggs benedict? Yes. Have you eaten at Pastel? No..; Well, then you don't know what it can be like when day-old eggs meet Tinian ham and together with the homemade Pastel hollandaise lie on top of the fluffy brioche. You can't describe the pastel colors of the evening with words, there are no words for the cocktails that Pastel serves while sipping, along with Casaretse pasta with Gorgozola, chili con carne burrito, black angus burger and so much more.



Akti G.Drosou
Tinos, 842 00, Greece

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