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Fun as it should be

On the high stool chairs next to the window, on the tables on the cobblestones or just next to the bar, whatever point you choose, the enjoyment remains the same. What makes the difference at the Moxa espresso bar in Tinos town, apart from the elegant design, the aesthetics of the place, the tasty choices and the unsurpassed cocktails, are the vibes. It is the very energy with which Nikos Lagouros opened and continues to run the all day cafe bar in the heart of the town center. From early morning for fine coffee, since the coffee varieties you find in Moxa are authentic until their last sip, until late at night, for food, sweet or drink, Moxa conquers you as soon as you set foot. Special mention should be done to the fantastic pizza they make and keep in mind that the shop also delivers. Visit it with a group or fewer friends and enjoy imaginative snacks, inspirational creations such as Snikerato or Chillino Oreo, cocktails with N.Y. air such as the famous spicy Moxa Margarita with chili and ginger and always keep your mood up. The nights with live d.j. sets are the ones that have established Moxa on the entertainment scene of Tinos, and Nikos Lagouros on the deck or the chosen djs who invites and give their special stigma, make you not leave Moxa until the early morning hours.



Nikiforou Litra 10 TINOS CENTER +3022830-26632