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Moustaki premium cocktail bar

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The night became premium

It's small, but multi-layered. It offers drinks, but the complicated ones. He plays funky, soul and jazz music, but also hosts works of art. And if you look for a second one, like it, there's nowhere. The nightlife of Tinos has been very lucky from the first day that the Moustaki premium cocktail bar opened its doors in the center of Chora. As his name suggests, it's a place that makes you feel special. That's because its cocktails, made only from premium drinks, are prepared from noon to be served in the evening. Or maybe because the bartender has the experience to tell him what you like and create your own unique, premium cocktail at once. Whether you're on the ground floor with people filling the outdoor area, or on the first floor looking from the balcony at the elite of the island's evening entertainment, one thing's for sure. Your nights at Moustaki have the taste of quality and the aftertaste of art, since art is necessary to create authentic flavors and art you admire with the works of Salvatore D'Angelo being in the space and you are able to buy the one that caught your attention, for your home. Don't forget to climb up to its roof, which without lights and music, but by candlelight, it is a night retreat for those who wish to treat themselves.


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Central location

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TEL.(+30)2283 300643