MARU: The influence of the Mediterranean on your plate!

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In the picturesque bay of Panormos there is Maru. A restaurant that through the view and its dishes takes your mind to various parts of the Mediterranean with main destination Greece.

Greece comes to your plate with the classic favorite grilled sardines which are baked alternatively in the oven filleted with an aromatic filling and a sauce of cherry tomatoes. Italy is located among risottos such as the one with cuttlefish ink and fresh pasta which you will find in recipes with meat or seafood.

Make a beautiful memory, visit Maru in Panormos, try the dishes, enjoy the view and live the moment.
As you may not remember exactly what you did or where you went on vacation, you will surely remember that you have had a good time. After all, this is the philosophy of this restaurant.



Πάνορμος, Τήνος 842 00 Τηλ: 22830-31482, 6907333905 INSTAGRAM: maru.panormos Mail FACEBOOK.maru.panormos21