The eponymous jewel on the island of artists

Having studied jewelry creation and design in Florence, Italy, Marianna Petrides has joined the jewelry creators since the ‘80s.


There's a rumor that if you succeed in New York, then you're successful all over the world.


So if you are a jewelry designer and you get a foothold in Kolonaki, then you can succeed all over the world.


So while she could choose any place she wanted, Marianna Petrides finally chose the island of Tinos to make a large professional opening.


As her jewels are completely different the one from the other, the same way she found different the villages of Tinos when she visited the place for the first time, many years ago.


 As the time was passing by in Athens, the creations and the "building" of her name rose year after year, so she felt that it was time to start something new.  


With her daughter and associate Daphne, Marianna's creative look, was searching for another place, more humane, perhaps smaller, where people are connected to each other through common elements and values of art and culture. 


Tinos and especially Chora have therefore won- fortunately for us the Tinians-Marianna Petrides’ heart, who after 30 years of artistic progress in her gallery in Kolonaki, from this year on we can find her at 13 Gyzi and Tinion Filikon street.




Nikolaou Gizi 13, Chora
Tinos, 842 00, Greece




A modern concept store that hosts everything that Daphne and Marianna are. Classic and modern, minimal and romantic, with dedication to perfection, but always focusing on the creation and the innovation, in the place that has her name in Tinos, there will be a constantly evolving collection of jewellery, accessories and household items, bearing her own signature or the one of her elite associates. 


Jewelry by Sarina Beza, Afroditi Goula, Dafni P, Valy Kontidi, Valia Plaini, Anna Kitsou, Minnie, Margarita Myrogianni, Danae Gianneli, Danae Alatari, Aliki Stroumpouli, Jasmine Rapti, Amalia Petsalis and others. We can also find Christina Moralis’ ceramics, Raeder’s porcelain, Casarialto’s glassware, and accessories by Bleecker and Turquoise.


Finally, the Greek design is represented by Dimitris Kallergis, We Design, Tild, and Rdesign.


Thank you for loving our island, Marianna Petrides!