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Whether a modern or a traditional wedding, romantic or minimal, orthodox or catholic, Tinos Island has it all, to offer you and your guests a perfect result. It's the ideal setting for a memorable wedding.

If you desire to live the experience of an island wedding, then Tinos is the perfect choice as it exhibits natural beauty with tradition, unparalleled romantic views over the Aegean and a sense of peace that emanates from the very earth.

Choose the place:

The wedding on the island of Tinos may be celebrated in different venues of distinctive taste. Choose a civil ceremony in the town hall, an orthodox or catholic service. You can select from a small cathedral, a country chapel, or even a chapel by the sea.

The changes of scenery on the island are fascinating. Sun beaches, pebbles, rocks and lunar landscapes... The charming island of Tinos is a hidden gem with natural beauty, long history and folkloric customs relating to the wedding ceremony.

Traditional confectionery as almond cookies, honey-backed sesame sweets, fried dough honey sweets is a way of wishing the couple's life will be mostly sweet. The bride and groom are followed by a wedding procession with the folk instruments violin and lute, till they enter the church forecourt while the family, the relatives and the guests escort them. The religious ceremony follows and afterwards the merry celebration will go on until dawn.

Who should I be oriented to?

Planning and imagination for the most important and unforgettable moment of your life.

Let Fotini with her unique taste and her attention to detail, make your dream come true. Undertaking your wedding planning from start to finish.



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Tinos, 842 00, Greece