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Imarkellis Boutique Villas

Welcome to the island of our soul. The heart of Cyclades beats on the island of Tinos. It is the island where we grew up during the summer time and we have memories deeply embroidered into our mind. Light clothing, loose hair under the Mediterranean sunlight…The saltiness of the sea on our lips and the wind touching our face purified our deepest thoughts.

As soon as the school year finished in June our tender hearts craved to get on board on the ship to Tinos. We were literally attracted to the island like magnets. Our hearts warmed up by childhood crushes which taught us the true meaning and the power of love. We were spoiled by summertime freedom, we craved the sun and devoured our grandmother’s “vanilla submarine”! (A nugget of vanilla- or mastic-flavored sugar paste dipped in a glass of cold water). The island taught us how to live, how to play with the waves, to inhale fresh air and to part from our friends and childhood crushes in September. Our new school year was just around the corner and we returned to the city of Athens melancholically as if our free spirit was captivated. Nevertheless, our childhood was carved by the chisel of Aeolus with artistic wisdom!

Tinos will always be our reference point. We fell in love with the summer which guided us in the picturesque paths of friendship and taught us to have faith in people.

At Imarkellis, we wish to share the beauty of the island with you, we want you to live the experience and feel the breeze of Greek Philoxenia. Welcome to Hellas! Welcome to Tinos!


Free Parking

Fully equipped kitchen

Free Wi-Fi




Tinos, 842 00, Greece