Gavrilou Jewellery

Timeless luxury

Whether you look for a casual jewellery piece, a valuable piece for special occasions or just a souvenir from the island, in our jewellery store you will find everything. Based on value for money and always for the benefit of the customer, we have been offering for decades the largest collection of jewellery in Tinos. Gold, silver, steel, fine watchmaking, silver utensils and icons are some of the options available to our customers.

The first generation of goldsmiths leads our tradition back to 1960 and the founder of the first jewellery store in Tinos, Sotirios Gavrilos, while the second generation of owners Konstantina Gavrilou and her husband Ioannis Maragoudakis are now in charge of the store.

Everything works like a fine-tuned watch in the store, where among its services are the repairs of watches (wristwatches of all types or wall clocks) but also jewellery repairs. Trust our experience and let's choose together the jewellery that will make your every step special. If, despite the huge range of items, you do not find what represents you appropriately in our jewellery shop, we also accept orders for jewellery constructions based on the customer's wish.

Reliability, courtesy and the high quality of our materials have made our clientele constantly grow and this is our moral satisfaction for the personal attention we give to each of our valuable creations.
Every piece of jewellery, every precious item, is a personal statement of the wearer. Discover the true glow through our creations and we will shine with joy seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of our customers.

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Evagelistrias 74
Center Tinos, 842 00, Greece