Bronco Bar


The successful recipe of Athens, this summer boarded the ship and arrived in Tinos. The well-known entertainment hangout, initially in Kifissia and since 2018 in Kolonaki, set sail to entertainment and landed in Chora of Tinos. Maintaining the same concept that has given it its unique identity, Bonco is here to give your days and nights on the island a different rhythm.

In Akti Ellis at number 1, you will find a warm place, where you can enjoy from the beginning of the day various breakfast options, or for those of you who wake up later its brunch is a talk of town, while in the course of the day the baton is taken by delicious cocktails, which are perfectly combined with dishes influenced by Mexico, dishes full of colors, intensities, aromas and flavors as well as choices of finger food dishes, and of course amazing burgers.

The food and drink, have the well-known Bronco quality, while musical events, that only Bronco knows how to organize with such success, could not be missing. Different Dj's are on its decks on a daily basis, and keep your antennas open for its special nights.
Welcome Bronco to our island.



Τήνος, 842 00, Ελλάδα