Greek hospitality at its peak

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Where passion and experience meet traditional flavors and human contact. In a word, Botilia.

Among the picturesque alleys of Chora, this small gem of Tinos emerges, full of greenery and bougainvilleas. Time has stopped where everything harmoniously blends together, the old church, the two-storey houses, the flowers, the cobbled streets. The whole place is reminiscent of a courtyard in an old neighborhood. There, at this point, we created with a lot of passion and love a beautiful corner, "Botilia". After 25 years of experience we left the city and set up this small place, with great inspiration, down to the smallest details. Everything is handmade from hand-painted signs, menus, table tops, decorative elements, to homemade cooked food, lemonade and rakomelo. In this special corner of Chora, the visitor can relax from the hustle and bustle of the coastal zone, feel the Greek traditional hospitality and live some really enjoyable hours from his vacation. The hospitality starts early in the morning with the delicious blend MRS ROSE and delicious Greek coffee in the pot from the famous coffee shops of Komotini. As for breakfast, the feast of taste combined with fresh local ingredients, all made at that moment, able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, with vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options.
Slowly the sun rises higher and the sleepless wake dehydrated from the night binge. They want fresh juices and smoothies to replenish body fluids, local yogurt with aromatic honey, while the youngest want pancakes and waffles combined in various ways. The older ones who got up early are looking for a nice snack to accompany their raki or cold beer.
It's noon and the kitchen is ready for lunch. There, you will find something very interesting every day, freshly cooked with a lot of passion and homemade care, to enjoy at the place or take it with you to the beach. Early in the afternoon if you want some ice cream or dessert, you have found the right place for you.
Soon it gets dark, hurry up, you won't find a table to enjoy your dinner, with delicious wine and accompanied by the sounds of jazz music. You will not want to leave, you wanted to have more days at your disposal to return to where you generously met the Greek hospitality, the quality, the lost taste, the kindness, the personal contact.
At the end of the evening you will tell jokes, have friendly conversations, have a drink as if you had known each other for years. You will exchange phone numbers, e-mails, addresses and you will both promise that you will be back soon.



Malamatenias& Lagourou
Tinos, 842 00, Greece

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