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All Greek... Live

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It gives name to the entertainment

After the completely successful operation of Moustaki, the entrepreneur Vasilis Pliakos set out to teach us what Greek entertainment should be like in 2020. A few steps away from the premium bar of the island, there is the All Greek live, which this year opened its doors for the first time. Its goal? To play music at such a pace that no one wants to sit for a minute. The music, authentic Greek mainstream, the drink from the bottles flows abundantly, while your fun is interspersed with baskets of flowers, too. Yes, now holidays and fun is a package deal. The big space, its beautiful stands but above all its rhythms will make you exclaim “opa” from the first moment. For fun at its zenith, Tinos has now acquired the space it deserves, and a huge gap in nightlife has been filled with the same unparalleled quality of services we have already known. Keep an appetite for later, when resonant names of nightlife will visit the island for live performances in All Greek live, as stated by its name a priori.


Free Parking

Central location

Free Wi-Fi




Taxiarxon & A Kontogeorgis,
Center Tinos 842 00