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Launch the delight high
There are times when a unique place is the result of boldness and knowledge.
So, we see that our “Acrobat” has climbed high. It’s a place that bears no
resemblance to any other. We find it in Dio Choria, with an excellent view as
well as exceptional acrobatics of offered services.
There are so many things to say about the “Acrobat”. You go there for
breakfast or brunch and stay until late evening enjoying snacks made with
authentic Tinian products. Its yard is like an ornament. There are hand-
painted pots, stones, chairs and tables reminders of other decades and
magnificent view of the endless Aegean Sea. As about the menu, it’s a piece
of Art, with the all day menu presented in the most original way. So its owners
offer flavors for energy, flavors for the company or sweet flavors, and all these
combinations drive the most demanding palate crazy. Eggs with tomato, louza
and kopanisti, Tinian wine sausage with grape, garlic dip with chickpeas and
dill, chicken with parsley pesto, veal meatballs with yogurt sauce, Castellano
of Tinos with honey, black sesame and walnuts, pancakes, salads, delicious
cheesecake, and many others, that make you promise that you’ll go back to
the “Acrobat” many more times. And if you taste any of its fresh and always
handmade sweets, such as orange pie, ravani, galactoboureko, brownies,
cheesecake or traditional spoon sweets, it is very possible not to get away
from the “Acrobat”. For most people, since it combines flavors that
accompany both their morning coffee and their evening wine, with its
imaginative cocktails raising the bar of delight, since everyone talks about
them, “Acrobat” is a hangout and not just a place to visit one off. Everything
made with love and passion, always stands out in the end. This year, during
your holidays, walk the line in Dio Choria, using as a safety net this special



Δύο Χωριά - Τήνος (+30)6974932601 @Ακροβάτης